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The “green rush” has turned into a full on stampede and there are a gajillion and one Cannabis companies looking to establish their brand and plant their flag in the mainstream consumer market.  Achieve trust points and build relationships with your customers through beautiful and professional cannabis design services.  Whether you need a full brand overhaul, a logo development, your products looking good in cool packaging, or simply a business card – our team of expert designers and creatives will get the job done right.

Strike a Pose


Branding is more than just a logo.  It’s mission driven, it’s a vibe, it’s the personality of your company and the rules to maintain that vision.  We work tirelessly to craft the cannabis branding environment around your company, developing the styles, mood-boards, and visual tools you’ll need to connect with your customers.

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Put on a Happy Face


If you’re not yet ready for the full deep-dive into building your brand, we can always help you develop a killer logo.  The logo is the face of your cannabis brand and having a memorable, professional, and memorable mark is key to how customers interact with your company.

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Look better than your competition


You think there are a lot of canna-brands now?  Just wait a few years.  With more and more brands popping up every day, it’s critical to the success of your cannabis company that your products have compliant packaging that attracts the eye of your customer.  They won’t be able to resist buying your products, because they’ll look so incredibly rad!

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I cannot recommend CannaPlanners enough. Their down-to-earth attitude, solid communication skills, and shared interests made is so easy to work with them. Total Pros!

Heather Weisberger, CEO, White Mountain Cannabis Farm