Optimizing Weedmaps

by will

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Digital marketing is a big challenge for cannabis companies.  Without the access to paid services through the giants like Google, Facebook and Instagram, it’s hard to target ads to your specific users.  While organic Google searches are still vital to the marketing strategy of any client (talk to us about your SEO needs!!!), certain apps have also become a major component.  Most notably of those is WeedMaps.  WeedMaps returns search results based on a few variables:  reviews (get them!), good reviews (duh), how much time a user spends on your WM profile, and quantity of profile visits.  Similarly to your Google Business page, which also can gain reviews, the most important thing is to run your business well, sell great products, and provide awesome customer service and all of these services should be used to your benefit.

WeedMaps can get deep though.  Aside from managing the normal optimization and updates, there still remains the nitty gritty of your product menus.  Keeping these fresh and as up-to-date as possible is a huge part of making sure your WeedMaps page is as effective as possible and that users have the complete picture of what is going on at your dispensary.

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