Can you advertise hemp and CBD on Facebook?

by Zach

Facebook Advertising: How To Advertise Your Dispensary, CBD Brand, or Hemp Products

Investigating the maze-like Cannabis policies of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google is part of our job here at CannaPlanners. We’ve taken a look at the latest opportunities and restrictions of CBD and hemp advertising via social media.

TL;DR: Your business can run advertisements that lead Facebook users to a website where your topical CBD or edible hemp product is sold. This website can not mention CBD. Also, you cannot specifically list the products in your advertisement if they feature actual mentions of “CBD”, “hemp”, “cannabis” or other prohibited keywords.

I definitely didn’t read those Terms of Services…. did you?

While CBD and hemp are everywhere on the street, in convenience stores, at your local hipster lifestyle brand shop, at your local co-op grocery store; CBD brands still struggle to live out loud on the internet. Websites like Leafly make digital marketing for dispensaries & cannabis businesses more simple, but the online landscape can still feel confusing and loaded with trapdoors.

So, can you advertise hemp and CBD on Facebook?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is, of course you can! Confusing, right? Let’s dive in!

Short answer: If you set up your advertisement incorrectly, it likely won’t last long and/or won’t be circulated how you want it to be. Facebook currently classifies CBD and hemp products as “unsafe supplements”, akin to Kylie Jenner’s diet teas or any old snake-oil. If you attempt to run a Facebook ad that uses keywords such as “CBD”, “hemp”, or “cannabis”, it won’t be long before Facebook takes it down for violating their regulations.

Long answer: Of course you can advertise CBD/hemp products on Facebook if you are willing to take a couple of extra detail-oriented steps. Just like Google, Facebook has bots that crawl the website/app, reading and indexing every single piece of text that gets posted, especially for advertisements. Since keywords are what Facebook’s censor bots crawl around looking for, your keyword strategies are what will put you out of play, or keep you in it.

How Do I Run A Facebook Ad For My CBD Company or Hemp Business?

According to an authoritative agency source in the cannabis industry, you can run CBD and hemp product ads on Facebook if you remove all explicit mentions of CBD, hemp, or cannabis from your content. Unfortunately, this does mean using a landing page or an alternate website if your domain contains any explicit cannabis language. But this is only the case if you will be linking to your site via your Facebook ad. Does all of this careful editing sound like a lot of work? It certainly does. However, it is likely worth the effort since social media platforms are where your customers spend most of their internet-time.

If you want to run CBD or hemp ads on Facebook but don’t have the time or eagle-eyes to deal with all the workarounds, we are here to help you out. But we highly recommend developing a long-term SEO strategy first and foremost. Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the ways in which we can assist your social media advertising efforts.

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