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Always on the lookout for up-and-coming brands in your state? No doubt, a lot of new contenders have been stepping up over the last few years. One such contender in the state of Maine is Gele, which is also sometimes referred to as the Garden of Gele. With premium flower strains, pre-rolls, concentrates, and more, Gele cannabis could be an excellent choice whether you’re a customer or retailer looking for product add-ons for your store inventory. Gele is a craft cannabis producer dedicated to growing the highest-quality products with mindful practices. The name Gele is Lithuanian for “flower.” As you might expect, their experienced growers similarly center the cannabis plant as an equal collaborator in producing unique, satisfying Gele flower. The results are practically magical, no matter which of the many high-quality Gele products buyers choose! Take a closer look at the Gele cannabis brand below.

What is

Garden of Gele

Gele is a brand of cannabis and cannabis concentrates available in Maine in multiple dispensaries. The word “Gele” is actually the Lithuanian word for “flower.” Gele strives to follow the most mindful practices when producing flower and products, so the integrity of the plant is always respected. With unique, high-potency strains and a dedication to high-quality cannabis, Gele is truly making a name for itself as a top brand. Gele has an 800-square-foot flowering company and headquarters located in South Portland, ME

Gele flower is naturally at the center of their product line. Strains include Goji OG, Headbanger, Litre-A-Cola, and more, all carefully grown, harvested, and packaged with the finest technique and care to preserve desirable terpenes and other compounds. Gele cannabis is also available in convenient Gele pre rolls, usually available in two-packs of three-quarters of a gram each. Those looking for an extra uplift can enjoy Gele concentrates like cured badder, where Gele‘s excellent cannabis and production techniques can shine. Those who enjoy their cannabis in inhaled form can try a cured resin cartridge, usable with any common vaporizer. Finally, don’t forget to treat yourself to some Gele edibles like their delicious dark chocolate bars, sure to satisfy every sweet tooth.

The Gele Cannabis Product Line

Gele serves up a full collection of premium flower in unique strains, as well as 1.5-gram Gele pre-rolls, cured resin carts, and cannabis concentrates like badder. A few strains you will see in the product collection from Gele include:

  • Goji OG – Sativa
  • Headbanger – Hybrid
  • Litre-A-Cola – Hybrid
  • Headstash – Hybrid

Gele FAQs

How strong are Gele concentrates?

Gele concentrates can have different potency levels depending on the specific product or type of concentrate. For example, Gele badder tends to contain more than 70 percent THC. However, this potency level can vary depending on how the concentrate was made, and the strain used to make the product.

How are Gele pre-rolls made?

Gele pre-rolls are made with uniformly cut flower rolled with a cone wrap that has a filter integrated at the bottom. The rolling paper is unbleached for clean smoke, and each Gele pre-roll is tucked into an airtight cylinder for safekeeping.

Gele Cannabis Reviews

With any cannabis producer, it starts and ends with the quality of the growers and their techniques. The careful, mindful growing process used to produce Gele cannabis ensures it results in some of the finest products at any dispensary. With indicas, sativas, and balanced hybrid strains, Gele flower is right for any situation, from a productive wake-and-bake to a soothing late-night session and everything in between. In addition, the wide variety of Gele products ensures every cannabis consumer can find something that works for them. While Gele has not been around for long, the brand does have a stellar reputation, especially when it comes to certain strains. For example, reviews of the Headstash strain from buyers on Instagram state the pick is “by far a favorite” and the product is “fire.” So far, Gele cannabis is slated to become a highly sought-after brand and people have nothing but good things to say.

Where to Find Gele Cannabis

Because Gele cannabis is a relative newcomer to the Maine cannabis industry, the products are only available at a handful of noteworthy dispensaries. Gele’s craft production ensures only the highest-quality flower makes it to market, meaning they’ve worked to exclusively supply their products to three dispensaries. Firestorm Cultivation is located in Bangor, while Sea Weed Co. operates locations in Portland and South Portland. Sweet Dirt offers the most opportunities to find Gele cannabis, with dispensaries in Portland, Rockland, Waterville, and Bridgton. While these spots are a short trip for many Mainers, those who are a bit further will find Gele cannabis is worth the drive! Gele cannabis products have an excellent reputation and are bound to become a highly requested hit across the state.

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