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Watching the cannabis industry grow in each state is truly impressive. As time passes beyond legalization, more brands come to the arena that has something unique and valuable to offer. Yamna, a brand based out of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, is a perfect example. The name derives from an ancient Eurasian tribe credited with first cultivating cannabis thousands of years ago along the famous Silk Road trade route. Yamna’s goal is to produce top-quality cannabis products while supporting the educational and community aspects of the cannabis world. Take a closer look at Yamna cannabis below.

What are

Yamna Cannagars and Hashgars

Like the ancients they share a name with, Yamna specializes in the pure, natural cannabis that many have come to know and love. Yamna flower is hand-trimmed and handled with incredible care by experienced growers, ensuring the product’s best qualities survive all the way from the plant to your home. With a genetic library of more than ten rare and specialized strains, buyers know they’ll enjoy premium craft cannabis unlike any other.

But Yamna offers a lot more than just flower. Buyers can also try out the unique Yamna cannagars, a one-of-a-kind combination of a cigar and cannabis joint. Each includes two grams of premium flower wrapped in 100% American-grown hemp with a reusable glass filter. Serious enthusiasts can also opt for the infused cannagars (with bubble hash or rosin drops) or even the Hashgar, a 4-gram selection elevated with bubble hash. Those looking for a less intense experience can also opt for finely rolled traditional one-gram pre-rolls.

Those who prefer to consume cannabis without smoking are also in luck. Yamna cannabis also offers tea-H-cannacaps, which feature a mix of green and matcha teas along with distilled cannabis and naturally extracted caffeine. Compared to a strong sativa buzz, this innovative product can only be found from Yamna.

Yamna cannabis is a branded cannabis available in the state of Massachusetts in select dispensaries. The brand provides a unique collection of cannabis products, including both flower and high-end, cigar-like pre-rolls and other products. With a focus on cultivating premier cannabis in well-known strains people love, Yamna has grown to be a favorite brand name in the state.

Products Offered By Yamna

  • Cannagars – Palm leaf wrap, 24k inlay tip, and corn husk filter with 2g of premium Yamna flower
  • Hashgars – Exclusive bud and hash cigar with ~5mg THC per hit
  • Tea-H-Cannacaps – THC-filled capsules
  • Premium Yamna Flower – Packaged Yamna flower in top strains

Yamna Flower Strains

Yamna tends to offer a superior collection of strains that cover different sides of the Indica/Sativa spectrum. Some of the brand’s top strain choices include:

  • Double Grape
  • Guava Pie
  • Wedding Crasher
  • Skywalker OG
  • Pink Sands
  • MAC
  • Melted Strawberrys
  • Point Break
  • Forum Stomper

Yamna FAQs

How strong is Yamna flower?

Yamna flower can have different amounts of THC depending on the specific strain you are buying. However, the potency ranges tend to be 25 percent and higher, which means Yamna flower can be pretty potent. This is one reason why the brand has grown to be so popular among consumers.

How many Tea-H-Cannacaps should someone take?

Tea-H-Cannacaps contain 5mg of THC per capsule, which means the 10-pack offers 50mg of THC in total. This product is a new addition to the Yamna lineup and offers a good alternative to dispensary customers who prefer THC ingestion instead of smoking.

Who makes Yamna cannabis products?

Yamna cannabis products are produced by Blackstone Valley Naturals, which has both a manufacturing and cultivator license in the state of Massachusetts. Blackstone Valley Naturals has been in the cannabis business in MA since 2017. To date, the company has grown its product collection to include Yamna flower and other products, as well as a few other premium products.

Yamna Cannabis Reviews

In a world where the bottom line is increasingly ruling the cannabis industry, it’s a delightful and refreshing change to shop from a company like Yamna, with a mix of high-quality products and thoughtful company philosophy. Yamna flower is offered in potent, diverse strains that aren’t limited to the common types that any old grower can produce. Meanwhile, Yamna cannagars offer a product all its own, excellent for group smoke sessions or for those with a high tolerance. Plus, innovative tea-H-cannacaps can allow cannabis enthusiasts to get the uplift they’re looking for without the smoke, smell, or any other equipment.

The range of products available that bear the Yamna name and the obvious dedication to quality experiences have made the brand a popular choice. People always tend to have positive things to say about Yamna cannabis, especially in terms of potency and the nice variety of strains.

Where to Find Yamna Cannabis

Massachusetts residents should have little trouble finding Yamna cannabis at one of the many dispensaries it’s stocked at across the commonwealth. More than 30 locations stock Yamna flower, Yamna cannagars, and other products. As might be expected, many are clustered in the Boston metro area, though Yamna can be found in places as diverse as the tip of Cape Cod to far western and northern corners of Massachusetts. Many dispensaries even offer delivery for those who can’t make it there in person. While the brand initially distributed products to only a few dispensaries, the products can currently be found at dozens of retail cannabis shops. A few current retailers include Canna Provisions, Silver Therapeutics, Cultivate, Nature’s Remedy, and Capital Cannabis.

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