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Maine’s adult-use cannabis industry may be only a few years old, but this has proven to be ample time for noteworthy brands to come to life. Yani Cannabis offers craft flower, pre-rolls, and more, and these products are rapidly becoming some of the most prized in the state. Yani (pronounced yah-knee) is a cannabis producer based in mid-coast Maine dedicated to providing high-quality, clean cannabis with terpene and cannabinoid profiles unlike anything else available from the state’s dispensaries. Forget large corporations and other faceless growing operations, pumping the soil full of chemicals and depleting the natural environment. Instead, Yani is focused on sustainable, efficient natural growing processes that allow the earth to be used many times for high-quality cannabis production. With sophisticated indoor and outdoor growing processes, one-of-a-kind craft cannabis products, and a people- and environment-focused culture, Yani cannabis offers so much more than your typical grower. Take a closer look at Yani cannabis below.

What is

Yani Cannabis

Unlike many cannabis companies, Yani from Maine doesn’t produce a million different products, from topicals to beverages. The growers at Yani instead focus on producing terpene-rich strains of nationally-known flower, including strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Ice Cream Cake, Cherry Pie Gelato, Sky Cuddler, and more. These are available in both traditional flower and convenient infused and regular pre-rolls. Yani even offers the option of tobacco-free blunts for those with an eye toward a “cleaner” smoke.

But Yani flower isn’t the only high-quality offering – there are also potent, easy-to-use concentrates with several strains of solventless hash, perfect for those needing an extra uplift or boost of medication. They even process the craft cannabis into vape oil for those on the go.

The Yani Cannabis Product Line

Yani cannabis primarily produces premium flower and Yani pre-rolls in top strains. However, the brand has also been adding a few additional options to its product lineup. Currently, the Yani product collection includes:

  • Yani 1g pre-rolls
  • Yani craft cannabis flower
  • Yani live rosin concentrate

Yani Flower Strains

Yani’s strain availability can vary depending on the region and seasonal availability. However, a few Yani flower strains you may see on dispensary menus include:

  • Double Ghost OG
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Cherry Pie Gelato
  • Purple Cookies
  • Emerald Mountain x Royal Spill

Yani FAQs

How potent is Yani flower?

Yani flower tends to have a good overall cannabinoid profile and often provides strains that have THC ranges of around 20 to 25 percent. This makes the brand a go-to for customers that are looking for a good potency level without being overly THC saturated. However, individual strain potencies can vary, and Yani cannabis does sometimes have higher-potency options.

How are Yani pre-rolls made?

Yani pre-rolls are packed with one full gram of uniformly cut flower and wrapped in a high-quality cone wrap with a filter. The pre-rolls are available in the same top strains of Yani flower the brand is known to offer.

When was the Yani brand established?

Yani cannabis is a relative newcomer to the state of Maine. However, because Maine has only had licensed cannabis retailers for adult use since 2020, most brands in the state are just as new. In spite of only being around for a short while, Yani has rapidly spread to different dispensaries in the state and made a name for itself.

Yani Cannabis Reviews

Yani Cannabis has an excellent reputation among customers and dispensary owners alike. The commitment to producing only high-quality cannabis products truly shows in the finished products. And, over time, the product selection produced by the brand continues to grow. In a world where even the cannabis industry increasingly resembles the factory farms of big agriculture, Yani is a refreshing change of pace. These experienced and knowledgeable growers produce full-season, sun-grown cannabis that pleases both the user and the earth it grows. Plus, Yani has worked with famous breeders to secure exclusive rights to grow and sell some incredible and unique strains. With diverse offerings from raw flower to vape cartridges and concentrates, there’s something for all tastes, tolerances, and preferences from Yani.

Where to Find Yani Cannabis

Yani cannabis is currently available at more than a dozen dispensaries throughout the state of Maine. The brand is most widely available at dispensaries along the southern coastal areas like Silver Therapeutics and HIGHLY, but is slowly but surely spreading to more northward retailers. As demand for Yani cannabis products grows, the products are likely to be even more widespread.

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