Cannabis Logo Design and Branding

Brand identity design for cannabis companies includes everything from the business name to logos, taglines, merchandise, and more. We offer a full array of brand identity design services for cannabis companies.

Cannabis Branding is the Foundation of Your Business

Your logo is the foundation of your brand’s “visual system”. The logo sets the tone for this visual system, informing the selection of complementary fonts, colors, imagery, patterns, and graphics that will ultimately become synonymous with the mission and values of your brand. Continue Reading

Build Brand Recognition Through Your Cannabis Logo Design

Over time, the relationship between brand and logo can become inseparable. Eventually the logo says it all, all on its own. Our goal is to build a strong foundation for your brand by developing a flexible toolkit of brand identity assets, complete with everything you need to grow your tribe.

Functional Cannabis Logo Design is Key

When clients begin the brand identity design process here at CannaPlanners, they are often in the woods when it comes to logo ideas and creative direction. We thrive on the challenges of developing a functional brand identity design system, doing our best to provide the tools you need to be the brand you want to be.

Logo Creation and Branding for Cannabis Businesses

Adorned with your logo, custom packaging for your products, signage for your establishment, apparel for your crew, and merchandise for your fans are all great ways to market your brand. Increase your brand’s visibility and build solid relationships with your customers through beautiful and professional design.

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Identity & Brand Development Guide for Cannabis Companies

A great deal goes into the process of building a brand identity in cannabis. Take a look at some of the most pertinent steps we take at CannaPlanners below.


We work with you to define the mission of your brand and the unique value propositions that you have to offer. Unique value propositions are the attributes of the brand that differentiate you from competitors.

Discovery & Research

Discovery and research involve really diving into the existing market. We will examine:

  • Which other products exist?
  • Where will your products be sold?
  • Who will you be selling your products to?

Customer Demographics

We hone in on your target customer base and take an in-depth look. Who will be buying your products? Sometimes more importantly, why will they be buying your products?


The better defined your competitors, the better you can build a strategy to outpace them. Therefore, our team will determine:

  • Who are your direct and indirect competitors?
  • How will the products your brand offers be different?
  • What does your brand offer that is unique?

Brand Positioning, Market Research & Marketing Strategy

Here, we focus on pertinent areas of engagement. We will work to determine how to talk about your products, and the best ways to engage with potential customers. We will also look at how to engage with potential distributors and retailers who may carry your products.

Product & Product Line Development Strategy

This strategy can look different depending on whether you are starting with a single product or product line. Perhaps you will be starting with a number of product variations. We will determine if you have a good production process in place for consistent product delivery and if you can effectively scale production to meet growing demand.

Product Production Strategy

How much does product production cost? Do you have the elements in place to support product production? What about container suppliers and manufacturers?

Budget & Revenue Stream Planning

A well-planned budget ensures funding for product development, packaging, distribution, marketing, and potential product line expansions.

Customer Relationship Development

Here, we will be looking at how the brand should communicate with potential customers to build brand identity.

Retail/Distributor Relationship Development

Relationships with a distribution chain and retailers get your products in the right places. We will help you find out what types of cannabis packaging target retailers require.

Compliance Testing Strategy

Lab-testing products is critical to establishing a reputable cannabis brand. We look at whether you have secured a reputable testing facility and whether the lab can handle increased volume when it comes to testing your products.

Compliance Info and Retail-Readying

Here, we focus on getting your product compliant with disclaimers, warnings, and design specs according to state regulations. This ensures the products are ready for retail distribution.

Content/Product Info

Brand name and product name will be determined. Other attributes to determine include:

  • Necessary product modifiers, such as strain, flavor, effect, strength, and size
  • Display panel call-outs (e.g. all-natural, organic, sun-grown)
  • Net weight
  • Serving size
  • Nutrition facts for edibles
  • Ingredients
  • Producer information and contact info
  • Batch info
  • Bar code
  • QR code
  • Product description

Define Content Hierarchy

Here, we define which elements of content on a product are most important. For example, should brand or product name be more important, or, how important are product modifiers.

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