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Expert Custom Packaging Design Solutions for Cannabis Brands

Cannabis product packaging is complicated. Compliance, protection, and brand identity must marry to pull it off. Focus on the ins and outs of your business and let us take care of everything from package concept designs to package manufacturing. Read more.

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Why is Cannabis Packaging Design Important?

With more cannabis brands popping up every day, it’s critical to the success of your cannabis company that your products have compliant packaging that attracts the eye of your customer.

As experts on branding and creative design, we know how to set up the proper design framework to grow a canna-business. From comprehensive brand identity kits, functional and effective product packaging, to in-store creative (signage, displays, staff uniforms, merchandise, etc), we’ve done it all!

Weed Packaging Design Experts

Cannabis Packaging for Single Products & Complete Product Lines

Whether you’ve got one product or a full product line with multiple verticals, the creative team at CannaPlanners will guide you through the technical challenges to find the perfect packaging solution, ensuring that your products are in compliance, retail-ready, and look awesome!

The Value of Top-Notch Custom Cannabis Packaging

Well-designed packaging makes all the difference when it comes to your products. More than just a container, a package makes an impression, delivers pertinent information, and protects your products. Check out how packaging can benefit your cannabusiness.

Compliance is a big deal in cannabis, whether marijuana or hemp-based products. The professionally designed package ensures all required information is disclosed: warning symbols and terminology, serving size information, batch numbers, ingredients, and more.

A product package that stands out on the shelf is more likely to be purchased. You want the package to stand out among competitors, but to also be diversified when it comes to your other products.

The best packaging is built with the function of protecting the product. Whether it is encapsulating vape carts to prevent breakage or offering resealable features on a pack of gummies, these added features ensure customers get a well-designed package.

A well-thought-out package clearly stands as an example of all things the brand values. From cannabis logos to certain color schemes, good packaging is easily associated with the brand that made it.

Great packaging is created with customer experience in mind. From the unique way the package opens to the way the customer interacts with the package, these can make a memorable brand impression.

Cannabis Packaging Design Guide

Package design is critical in cannabis. It must be well-planned, brand-targeted, and economical. Make sure you trust a package design team that gets it in terms of what is legally required and what is necessary.

Our team defines packaging options based on your budget, the product line, market trends, future product development, and desired presentation. The ideal container type is identified, and labeling and/or printing options are defined, such as:

  • Label and printing specs
  • Special finishes (embossing, letterpress, spot gloss, etc.)
  • Dielines
  • Templates
  • Manufacturing and printing limitations

From here, we look at pricing for manufacturing and printing options from multiple vendors.

Using predesign concepts, we begin the artwork layout. We primarily explore customer-facing display panel designs. The team then builds a design system that works for existing and potential future products, accounting for things like variances in flavors, strains, concentrations, etcetera. Working with mockups and renderings gives us insight into how a design may perform in the market.

Finalized artwork is moved to printer templates and dielines. We modify and refine the artwork, add secondary panels, revise, and edit to get everything about the design approved for print. These designs are then released to the printer to begin the prepress and proofing process.

After files have been submitted to the printer or manufacturer, we review and approve the digital outcomes and physical proofs. In case of error or changes, the design may have to be revised or adjusted.

Our team also helps with product line updates and diversification. We can help with either new products or sub-products within the same line. A few components of this process may include:

  • Enhancing product packaging with special treatments
  • Exploring new ways to add value to how a product is presented
  • Developing new designs for new flavors, concentrations, sizes, and more

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