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The Power of Digital And Why SEO Means So Much To Your Cannabis Business

Cannaplanners helps cannabis companies develop the most effective marketing strategies that are built on the power of digital media.

While other industries benefit from a wealth of marketing options to get the word out, such marketing channels are not available in the cannabis industry. Because there are still restrictions on cannabis across the country, many advertising channels available to other businesses cannot be used in the cannabis industry. For example, some states ban the use of billboards by cannabis companies. And many online paid media channels, such as Facebook, do not accept cannabis brands.

That’s what makes Cannaplanners such a great partner. Our inspired team of the best expert web designers, developers, marketers and creatives can turn your cannabis business into a powerful brand. We help develop your story, imagery and a strong digital presence. At Cannaplanners, we want to help new brands stand out in this fast-growing industry. We can find the most impactful solution for your canna-business.

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The CP Team are the absolute BEST for all of your website, SEO, email segmentation, and design needs. We have been working together for 3+ years and we wouldn't be where we are today without them. Thank you for helping us build and realize our mission to improve people's lives through cannabis wellness products. We love you CP Team!

Brendan McKee CFO, Silver Therapeutics

I actually had a chance to sit down the other day and read through the page(s). Great stuff on the Connecticut crowd. Love all the in depth stuff on the products especially the Wynk and how we are supporting the community. THIS STUFF LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!

Teresa Matteson Manager, Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary

Vermont NORML was referred to CannaPlanners by a third party and, as someone who has never worked with a web developer before, my expectations have been set extremely high with the outstanding work CP has done. Not only did they build us an incredible, sleek and fully functional website in a matter of weeks, they continue to support my group well after the fact. Ryan Merritt and the whole CP team has been beyond amazing, not only in helping my team navigate building and designing the website, but by being responsive and professional beyond expectations. Could not recommend CP enough, would give them 11/10 stars if I could.

Nicholas Schuermann Lead Organizer

Harnessing the Power of Digital in Cannabis

For cannabis businesses, a marketing strategy must be laser focused on offering the most effective means of reaching customers and prospects. It’s important to know which channels to invest in and how to develop the right content that will help drive revenue goals.

One of the more effective digital channels for cannabis marketing is search engine optimization, or SEO. Simply stated, SEO is the practice of increasing the visibility of a business’ website online. SEO is how you introduce your business, what you’re selling and why you matter to online search engines. As a result, your business earns trust with those search engines, which means your business will appear in more search results and at higher places in the results. That means more potential customers will find you and that leads to more sales.

This is done by helping to make the business show up more during organic searches by customers and prospects. SEO is a valuable way for cannabis companies and dispensaries to expand their reach given the advertising limitations they face. New customers will find your dispensary easily after we help search engines understand and trust your website with highly effective cannabis SEO.

Why Weed SEO Matters

With SEO as a channel effectively optimized, dispensaries can attract more new customers and qualified leads. The good news is, an effective SEO channel can help your cannabis business stand out among the competition by making your website what potential customers find when searching online. The bad news is, a bad SEO strategy can actually hurt your business, pushing you below your competitors when prospective customers search and lowering your authority and rankings in searches.

Effective SEO development relies on keyword research, copy optimization, link building, auditing and more. The goal of effective SEO is to increase your website traffic, conversions and revenue. The ability to perfect SEO is not an art, it’s a science. As a cannabis SEO agency, Cannaplanners understands the value of an effective SEO strategy that is built on research and scientifically-tested data that produces results.

Google Business Assurance for Cannabis Dispensaries

Protect your Google Business Profile from third party edits, false information, and dreaded suspensions with our Google Business Assurance offfering.

Our team of cannabis SEO experts knows how to produce content on your website and optimize it so that it shows up in search results and drives traffic and sales for your dispensaries and other businesses.

We have proven success attracting new customers with cannabis dispensary SEO by:

  • Increasing Online Orders: Our content strategy will drive more traffic to your menu while boosting site authority and assisting overall search visibility.
  • Expanding Local Foot Traffic: Our experts manage your dispensary’s Google My Business listings. They respond to reviews, add photos online, and optimize the profile on your website.
  • Engaging Your Audience: Our specialists can produce needed digital content, including blog posts about your products, events at your business and FAQs for customers. We build pages designed to capture prospects for your business that ensure you show up in “dispensary near me” online searches.

How Auditing Websites can Enhance SEO for Your Cannabis Company

Just as in other businesses, digital commerce doesn’t stand still. It’s not enough to just develop and execute a strong SEO strategy. You must stay on top of fast-moving trends and activities online.

One of the key ways to do that is by regular auditing of your cannabis business’ website. Cannaplanners will review your website, looking for any areas that need updating or upgrading, including:

  • Page titles copy, alt text and meta descriptions: Keywords embedded in these areas will build up your SEO ranking power.
  • URL development: The URL that your business uses should be built in a way that it is easily found by search engines. Keywords and real search terms commonly used can help do this.
  • Duplicate content: Your website will suffer if search engines detect duplicate content. A quick rewrite of that content will help SEO.
  • Navigation structure: A simple, consistent and organized navigation structure for your website will ensure that search engines and potential customers can easily navigate to your site.
  • SEO Testing: The most robust SEO comes from testing a variety of scenarios for your website that identify the easiest way to increase conversion and stand out among competitors.

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