SEO for CBD Websites

Your brand is the key to your success. We hone in on your differentiators and produce optimized content that ranks for keywords that convert.

Local & National SEO Strategies

When it comes to showing up in search for product-specific keywords, local searches like “CBD oil near me”, or questions related to your business, we are the experts you want on your team. We’ve developed some of the best white-hat backlinking strategies that will get your site the authority it needs to outrank your competition. Continue.

SEO-Driven Content Strategies

Ultimately, we want to increase the quantity AND quality of organic traffic that arrives on your site from Google and other search engines. Our goals are simple: improve your website’s domain authority, establish your online presence, increase your website’s visibility in the search engines, and drive more relevant traffic to your website.

Let's Talk CBD SEO

If you’re ready to build a blog to define your CBD brand, get traction online, and see better connections, CannaPlanners is here to help you out.

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