CP Page Builder

A platform that allows you to tell your story, engage customers and move products.

A Solid Foundation

“We’re CannaPlanners and we’ll help your business grow’ is not just a catchy slogan.  We’ll help you grow because we’ve learned and implemented the principles for growth in our simple Page Builder solution.


Stack + Build

18 Modules!

The CP Page Builder was born from the hands of our brilliant tech engineers who’ve been working inside WordPress for decades.  Their deep understanding of the platform’s complexity prompted them to create a simplified, more universal solution.  The result is a slimmed down interface which allows for creativity without the overwhelm.

Our builder is composed of 18 MODULES.

Because each module comes with variations (choice of color, font, width, and so much more), there’s an INFINITE number of ways to stack, build, and create!


Beauty as a skillset

Our mission to normalize the cannabis industry through beautiful design is not taken lightly.  We realize beauty’s ability to transform which is why we’ve spent hours creating the finest details in our page builder.  We want your brand to feel beautiful and ultimately transform those who consume it.

We guide you through design best practices, color palette generators and other artsy suggestions as part of the Page Builder onboarding process.


The Onboarding Process

Start-to-finish Setup

A fully hand-held Help Hub takes you from homepage setup to site map creation and beyond.  There’s a lot of steps but we promise we’ve made it easy as pie.  How-to videos + downloadable PDF’s, included. Not to mention, you have access to a dedicated CP deckhand to answer all your artsy + techy questions as you build.

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