VT Bud Barn

Bud Barn: a Vermont Dispensary

VT Bud Barn is Brattleboro’s first recreational cannabis dispensary. Bud Barn began life as Vermont Hempicurean, with the owners rebranding after their move to the actual barn that currently houses their operations. Since opening in 2017, Bud Barn has worked to provide southern Vermont residents with the best and most diverse selection of high-quality local cannabis products. Get Directions.

VT Grow Barn

VT Bud Barn is also the area’s best source of equipment and knowledge for those growing their own cannabis. The VT Grow Barn is a one-stop shop for grow lights, tents, soil, nutrients, and much more. It’s everything novice growers need to get started in this rewarding hobby or career, along with products for experts to finesse their next grow.

Where is Bud Barn Located?

VT Bud Barn is located in Brattleboro, in Vermont’s southeastern corner. More precisely, the Bud Barn dispensary occupies Suite 101 at 257 Marlboro Road, approximately 3.5 miles west of the center of town.

Getting to VT Bud Barn

The trip from central Brattleboro could hardly be easier. Just turn onto High Street and head west, where it turns into Marlboro Road along the way. The drive is approximately 10 minutes. VT Bud Barn is also easily accessible from communities to the west, like Wilmington, Bennington, and Woodford along Vermont Route 9/Molly Stark Trail.

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Visiting Bud Barn in Vermont? Things to Know

Those in Brattleboro and other parts of Southern Vermont won’t find a better choice than VT Bud Barn for a number of reasons.

Wide-ranging, high-quality products

Cannabis buyers can be sure they’ll find anything they can dream of on the shelves of VT Bud Barn. Naturally, it starts with a wide selection of flower, locally grown and cured with care, which are also available in pre-rolls. Edible enthusiasts can choose between gummies, chocolates, drinks, capsules, and more, while lovers of concentrates have plenty of potent choices as well. Don’t forget about tinctures, topicals, and a mix of CBD products too!

Experienced and Friendly Budtenders

With so many strains, THC levels, terpene mixes, and more ways to enjoy cannabis than ever, shopping can be a bit overwhelming, even for experienced marijuana users. That’s where our budtenders come in. They know our products through and through and can help you find the perfect choice for your tolerance, budget, or other needs. You never know what great products you could soon discover with their help!

Bud Barn Weed Dispensary

Bud Barn Near Me?

VT Bud Barn’s Brattleboro dispensary is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Sundays from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Holidays, weather, or other factors may affect hours, so when in doubt, reach out to the dispensary directly at (802) 246-4367.

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