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Native Roots: Trinidad, CO Dispensary

Native Roots bills itself as the premier cannabis dispensary in Colorado for both medical and recreational consumers. Since opening in 2010, the company has taken its “boutique dispensary” model and rapidly expanded to bring the same high-quality and wide-ranging product, dedicated service, and affordable prices throughout the Centennial State. With more than 4 million happy customers and more than 600 highly-trained, industry-leading employees, it could be easy to focus solely on dollars and cents. But Native Roots also gives back to the communities it’s located in, partnering with local nonprofits with donations of time and money. While Native Roots dispensaries prove to be popular wherever they are, the Trinidad dispensary is the premier dispensary in its location. Get Directions.

Where is Native Roots Located?

Luckily for Coloradans, there are currently 20 Native Roots cannabis dispensary locations across the Centennial State. Five are located in the southern Colorado region, in Colorado Springs and Trinidad, primarily serving medical customers. Native Roots also has a presence in mountain towns like Aspen, Silverthorne, Frisco, and Avon. The largest number of Native Roots dispensary locations are in the Front Range region in Denver, Boulder, Littleton, Edgewater, and Longmont. Each of these locations may have slightly different selection, prices, and hours, so consult your local dispensary for details.

Trinidad, CO Top Choice Dispensary

Visiting Native Roots Dispensary in Trinidad? Things to Know

There’s more to this unique company than just the Native Roots marijuana dispensary – there’s also the Native Roots cannabis cultivation facility. It’s grown more than ten times in size since opening, reaching more than 170,000 square feet. This vast facility is used to produce the many fine varieties of Native Roots cannabis, as well as processing concentrate through BHO and CO2 extraction. This vertically-integrated system allows efficiencies that other dispensaries can’t match!

Native Roots Product Selection

Those shopping at a Native Roots cannabis dispensary will find a huge selection of marijuana products and cannabis derivatives. Naturally, many first opt for flower, which Native Roots provides in a variety of strains and THC levels, allowing users to find the ideal experience for them. Pre-rolls also provide a convenient way to enjoy this incredible plant, from standard joints to infused blunts.

Looking for a more potent experience? Try Native Roots concentrates, including wax, shatter, live resin/rosin, and more. Edibles are available, ranging from easy-to-use, discreet pills and capsules to delicious cookies, gummies, chocolates, and even mints in a number of tasty flavors. Vaporizers are an increasingly popular way to consume cannabis, and Native Roots has vapers covered with both cartridges and fully disposable vaporizers, perfect for use on the go. Buyers can even find a mix of cannabis topicals and tinctures for alternative uses. Don’t forget to grab some Native Roots swag, including t-shirts, hoodies, and hats, along with a generous selection of pipes, rolling papers, and other accessories.

Native Roots Weed Dispensary

Native Roots Cannabis Dispensary Near Me?

Native Roots is more than just a place to buy cannabis. This unique company provides high-quality flower that it takes all the way from seed to store under rigorous standards that also underpin its other cannabis products. With a combination of top customer service and local involvement, Native Roots is the perfect place for those who want to support a community partner while taking advantage of some of the state’s best cannabis. Stop by the Trinidad location today!

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