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Nirvana Cannbis Company: Otis Orchards, WA Dispensary

Nirvana Cannabis Co. is a Washington dispensary in Otis Orchards and two other locations offers some of the Evergreen State’s best marijuana and other cannabis products. Nirvana prides itself on a top-quality shopping experience, with knowledgeable, professional budtenders to help cannabis buyers find the ideal choice for them, whether they’re a first-timer or an experienced marijuana enthusiast. In addition, Nirvana Cannabis marijuana dispensary partners with some of Washington’s top producers to provide high-end flower and other products for any price point or delivery method. Nirvana Cannabis Company in Otis Orchards is located at 24713 E Wellesley Ave, Otis Orchards, WA 99027. Get Directions.

Where is Nirvana Cannabis Company Located?

Lovers of premium cannabis products in Washington state are in luck – there are three Nirvana Cannabis dispensary locations for added convenience. They include the Tri Cities dispensary, located at 4950 Arena Road in Richland. Another Nirvana Cannabis Company is located in Otis Orchards at 24713 East Wellesley Drive, and the third is in East Wenatchee at 181 Rock Island Road. These three Nirvana Cannabis cannabis dispensary locations make it relatively easy for anyone in the state’s eastern half to find Nirvana within a manageable drive from home.

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Visiting Nirvana Cannabis Co. Dispensary in Otis Orchards? Things to Know

Nirvana Cannabis Co. Products

As you might expect, Nirvana Cannabis offers some of the state’s best flower from well-known producers like Cashmere Cannabis, Fire Bros, Cookies, and more. With sativa, indica, and hybrid options of varying THC levels and terpene mixtures, there is a perfect strain for everyone. Flower is also available in convenient pre-rolls, typically of a half-gram or whole gram apiece, along with multi-packs.

Those who’d prefer to consume their cannabis in alternative ways have plenty of options at Nirvana as well. Edible lovers will find a variety of gummies, chocolates, and other candies, along with other more unusual food products. Extracts include live resin, sugar wax, hydrocarbon wax, and other marijuana concentrates for those needing a more potent experience. Vape users will have their choice of a wide variety of cartridge flavors and strains, and Nirvana Cannabis cannabis marijuana locations even have topical THC creams and other treatments. Finally, don’t forget to grab some gear like rolling papers, pipes, vaporizers, and more.

Daily Deals and Discounts

Want to save even more beyond the already-low prices of Nirvana Cannabis? Check out the Washington dispensary‘s daily deals and discounts. These offer as much as 20% off on specific types of products or certain customers. It’s a perfect way to make the most of your cannabis dollar without sacrificing the quality you rely on.

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Nirvana Cannabis Company Dispensary Near Me?

Cannabis buyers looking for a combination of wide-ranging product selection, experienced and knowledgeable staff, and great prices will find them all at Nirvana Cannabis Co. Visit the Otis Orchards location or one of the other two Nirvana Cannabis marijuana dispensaries today to learn more.

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