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The Mint Cannabis: Monroe, MI Dispensary

The Mint isn’t just any marijuana dispensary. It’s been named “Most Innovative Medical Cannabis Dispensary” and is a top dispensary in Michigan and Arizona. The organization operates under principles of compassion, community, safety, education, and transparency, all providing vital support to recreational and medical cannabis users. The Mint even launched a first-of-its-kind cannabis kitchen back in 2018, providing foods as delicious as they are enjoyable and potent. Get Directions.

Where is The Mint Located?

The Mint has its roots in Arizona, with a 12,000-square-foot flagship store at its headquarters in Guadalupe. Other Arizona locations include Mesa, Phoenix, and more. As noted above, The Mint has also expanded the dispensary in Michigan, providing residents and visitors to the Great Lakes State with access to Mint cannabis and other products in Monroe, Portage, Coldwater, and Kalamazoo. The Mint marijuana dispensary is also working to expand to Illinois, Missouri, and Massachusetts, allowing cannabis enthusiasts nearly coast-to-coast to indulge.

Monroe, MI Top Choice Dispensary

Visiting The Mint Dispensary in Monroe? Things to Know

The Mint offers an amazing selection of diverse products for all sorts of marijuana consumers, from first-timers to longtime enthusiasts. Buyers can enjoy popular and highly sought-after brands like World THC Factory (WTF) extracts, SofaKing edibles, and even THC-infused sauces and oils under the Angry Errl line. Flower is available from a variety of high-quality growers, running the gamut of strains, styles, THC levels, and terpene profiles. Pre-rolls make sparking up easy, and are available in everything from multipacks to infused joints and blunts. The Mint even offers accessories and apparel so you can leave the dispensary looking sharp and with all of the smoking materials you’ll need for a great time or quick relief.

The Mint Weed Dispensary

The Mint Cannabis Dispensary Near Me?

Looking for The Mint Cannabis near you? The Mint Cannabis in Monroe is a fantastic option for recreational users in Michigan. The Mint also has plenty of recreational and medical dispensary locations in other states. Come in today!

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