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Dutchie Plus WordPress Menu Development

Ditch the iFrame with Dutchie Plus. Get Lifted by CannaPlanners – a plugin that uses Dutchie Plus API data to generate fast-loading, fully-optimized landing pages on your website. See for yourself (Live Example).

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Dutchie Plus Case Study

Enhance & optimize your digital customer journey, all without sacrificing your brand’s amazing design. A native eCommerce menu is the only way to compete long-term in Product-based Cannabis SEO. Our team developed a site for a client in Ohio. The results speak for themselves, we helped this new dispensary build a customer base in just 90 days by:

  • Ranking their website for 817 keywords
  • Generating 25,000 clicks from Google search results
  • Driving 17k page sessions to product & category pages, with an average engagement of 1m 42s


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Adaptable + Customizable Menu Plugin

What is Dutchie Plus?

Dutchie Plus Powered by CannaPlanners is the perfect addition to maximize the value of your dispensary’s online menu.  Customize the look and feel of your menus to match your brand.  Create a product layout specific to your customer needs and prioritize that data however you want! Generate SEO-rich product pages and capitalize on search traffic looking for the exact products you sell.

Combining the power of Dutchie Plus with the expertise of CannaPlanners will improve the ways you engage with your customers and drive more results.

Your fonts, your colors, your icons, your deals, your product pages.  Your decisions – fully guided by our team of experts.

Maximize Your Website's SEO Rankings with Dutchie Plus

The accessibility to previously locked-off data through Dutchie Plus now allows for an unparalleled experience when it comes to your search rankings.  CannaPlanners maximizes that SEO value by generating rich, customized, search-friendly pages for all the products stocked on your dispensary shelves.

Features & Benefits

Dutchie Plus Powered by CannaPlanners

Provide a Flawless Online Shopping Experience with the Dutchie Plus Menu

Your online dispensary menu does more than sell your cannabis inventory to customers. This sales hub further establishes your digital presence and should solidify a connection with your target shoppers. Therefore, building a dispensary menu that adequately represents who you are as a brand is an important step in your digital marketing plan. The Dutchie Plus menu is not an average menu, even though it offers the expected functions. Because your dispensary deserves a unique presence, your menu should be fully customizable.

Your online menu is your dispensary's first impression.

Make it last by giving your business the web presence it deserves.

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Grow Your Brand's Identity with Dutchie Plus and CannaPlanners

With Dutchie Plus, you’re in charge of your menu and your preferred user experience with no design restrictions or limitations. CannaPlanners can help you pick everything from colors and fonts to terminology and architecture to represent your brand in a wholly identifiable way. From the imagery portrayed on the menu to the written content on product pages, our team helps you take advantage of the flexible customization options. You get all of this in your Dutchie Plus menu combined with the built-in compliance and the pre-built and optimized checkout experience Dutchie is known to provide.

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