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Leafly and Digital Marketing

by will

Surely you’ve heard of the Yelp of weed by now? If you haven’t, allow us to point your attention to Leafly, an online strain and dispensary directory has been rapidly expanding since 2010 when it was founded by three ex employees of Kelly Blue Book (yes, that’s the used car rating site!). 

What is Leafly?

Leafly is arguably the most important cannabis website out there today (maybe a close second to ours). Basically, Leafly has the most SEO power in the industry thanks to its ballooning number of strain and dispensary reviews. If you are a consumer and curious about a product, a store, or if you’re looking for a strain to treat something very specific, Leafly is where you can get all of that information and more. But it’s not just overworked educators (or insert occupation here) looking for a strain that will jive perfectly with their morning coffee and make them both calmer and more creative that use Leafly.

You, if you own a cannabis business, need to be using Leafly too. If you endeavour to “get found” on the internet, or to show up in any kind of google result, you gots to get your business listed on Leafly. 

Why is Leafly so important?

In part, it’s their users. Leafly’s content is ever-expanding because it is mostly user generated. Consumers of cannabis flock to it to share their experiences with a product or store. Because it has so much content, and more being added all of the time, Leafly (we think it’s safe to assume) has the most SEO power in the game. 

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Digital Marketing

Content is King” – if you’re a client of CannaPlanners, you’ve heard this a million times by now, but it is true.  Due to the limits put on the Cannabis Industry in how it actively markets itself (see our article on it HERE) it’s important to think outside the box.  Leafly, similarly to Yelp, relies on user content and engagement to return search results to it’s user-base.  Cannabis and Hemp companies can list their products, company information, etc on the Leafly platform to increase their SEO value across the internet.  With over 20M visits per month from Cannabis consumers and professionals alike, Leafly has positioned itself as the go-to resource for Cannabis consumers and professionals.