Are websites still a thing?

Posted on February 22nd, 2019 to Digital Marketing

In an age where empires can rise and fall on Instagram in a day, you may be doubting the relevance of a website for your business. You may be asking: do I really need a website at this point? Our answer: yes. Websites continue to be the bedrock of your online presence. In fact, when so much can be done via social media and a google listing, consumers are increasingly refreshed and reassured by a robust website. Websites are where your customers go to get all the information quickly, and they are also a major factor in how your audience interacts with your brand.

You can break the value of a website down in many ways. Today, we’ll break it down into technicals and non-technicals. The technicals: websites are optimized for search, house all of your most important information, and are most likely a portal for purchasing. Maintaining a digital presence for your business is like care-taking an ecosystem: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and others are environments. Your website is akin to a watershed: it’s where it all flows down together. You need a website like a river needs a basin or a bed: it’s where all your hard work collects into a powerful body of water.

The non-technicals: your website is your brand. It is a window into your entire business. Visitors to your site are getting a preview of everything they can expect from your product or in store. On your website, every image, tagline, and formatting choice are working together to tell a story or create a mood. Your brand’s social outlets also do this of course, but your website doubles down on whatever messages go out to the feeds.

So, do yourself a favor and build that bedrock! Lay a sturdy foundation for your brand’s online life with a fully functioning and beautifully outfitted business website. Your customers and your future self will thank you.  Contact us today!

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