Top 5 Best Cannabis Dispensary Websites (2022)

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Websites are required for all cannabis brands and dispensaries, just as they are for businesses in all other industries in today’s digital-first landscape. With dispensaries and CBD shops springing up all over the place, competition is high, and customers are looking for brands that meet their lives and demands. You will fall behind quickly if you do not have a website that accurately conveys the tone and persona of your dispensary while also having all the necessary functionality.

What Makes a Great Cannabis Website?

It all comes down to creating a seamless experience for site visitors.

  • Seamless functionality (site speed, internal links, easy to navigate, shows pertinent business information)
  • Beautiful design (how logos and secondary logos are incorporated, branded icons, colors reflective of the brand)
  • Quality of content (easily accessible, knowledgeable, caters to targeted audiences)

Based on the above criteria, here is a list of our top 5 favorite websites of 2022:

1. Uma Flowers

Uma Flowers Website Page Array

About the Dispensary

Uma Flowers is a woman-led dispensary brand with a focus on mind and body wellness with clean and pure cannabis.

What We Like

Uma Flowers offers one of the best cannabis websites when it comes to the design being perfectly representational of the brand’s overall personality and core mission. From the tranquil color scheme with muted tones of blue, green, and violet to the imagery that provokes a more feminine impression, this website hits the nail on the head as a female-owned dispensary focused on wellness.

2. Silver Therapeutics

Silver Therapeutics Website Page Array About the Dispensary

Silver Therapeutics is a locally-owned, community-focused dispensary with multiple locations that offer high-quality cannabis.

What We Like

When it comes to the best dispensary websites for informative content, Silver Therapeutics is hands-down one of our favorites. This website is brimming with useful content no matter which direction you turn. From the section purely dedicated to educating dispensary customers with helpful FAQs to the blog with dozens of guides and informative pieces—there’s a TON of helpful info. This website is a gem for anyone looking to learn about cannabis and shopping for cannabis.

3. Canna Provisions

Canna Provisions Website Page Array About the Dispensary

Canna Provisions is an award-winning recreational dispensary brand with its own grow operation.

What We Like

The Canna Provisions site is by far one of the best weed websites you could ask for. Not only is the design representational of the brand, but the site is impressively filled with a wealth of information. Their blog is a go-to for both strain information and leads on what to do in the area, which is a good reflection of the brand’s mission to better the customer’s journey.

4. Capital Cannabis

About the Dispensary

Capital Cannabis is a community dispensary with a focus on first-class cannabis experiences in a welcoming environment.

What We Like

Capital Cannabis has this friendly personality and a dispensary quite literally built on an American dream. So, the fact that the website is perfectly built around the user experience is no surprise. The straightforward layout offers seamless navigation from one section to the next, and the intuitive layout makes it super simple to find just what you want to see when you visit the site.

5. Eskar

Eskar Website Page Array About the Dispensary

Eskar is a next-level cannabis dispensary focused on providing a distinguished, mature cannabis experience.

What We Like

Another exemplary website when it comes to style and design, Eskar dispensary’s site embodies the distinguished nature of the brand. The simplistic neutral color tones in black and white highlight the upscale personality, the imagery is on point, and even the written content is straightforward with a no-frills approach.

Ready to Step Up the Game with Your Weed Website?

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