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Posted on April 15th, 2020 to Cannabis

Our Amazing Web Product, Just… Lite

Another spring day of social distancing + self-reflectivity.
What’s becoming clear ::
This virus is not what’s going to destroy the human race.
Maintaining the status quo, will.
Trying to go about life the way we have been will ensure our demise.

Structures and corporations are collapsing because they need too.
Because they were erected from an imbalance.

We need new structures.
With solid foundations.
Foundations that allow us a quality of life we know we deserve.
Structures honoring partnership over power.

If you are reading this feeling fearful, uncertain and unsure.
We get it.
We are those things too.
But we’ve (personally) been here before.
Not in the middle of a pandemic, no.
Our own version of chaos, confusion and structural breakdown.
{READ : failed professional music careers, corporate malaise-fueled exits, entrepreneurial crash + burns, etc}
So we are a bit less shaky.
A bit more trusting of ‘end times’.
AND, we are sitting firmly inside a foundation we’ve indirectly spent our lives being groomed to create.

We sense there’s a large percentage of folks primed for the current pandemic.
Those who are feeling radically called to bring their cannabis company online, like NOW.

Which is why we’ve expedited :: CannaPlanners Lite.

We want to make our firm foundation accessible to all.

So what is CannaPlanners Lite?

Build your dream cannabis website at a discount. CannaPlanners Lite is a condensed version of our branded Web Process which boasts ::

  • Access to our Custom Page Builder System at A THIRD OF THE COST.
  • An expedited GO-LIVE timeframe {takes 2 WEEKS instead of 2 months}

How does it work?

Our design team implements your logo + brand colors and then soft balls the site to you for page page propagation + finishing touches.  In short, you get to take full advantage of the beauty, ease and customer service that comes with the CannaPlanners experience for less time and money.

You ready to get going?

Drop us a note and we’ll get you cued up on how to move swiftly along.


Brand Strategist

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