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Posted on February 26th, 2019 to Digital Marketing

You requested it, the industry demanded it, and now we’ve got it: SEO services for your website. As you surely know, the cannabis industry is faced with marketing obstacles, namely, not being able to utilize AdWords and Facebook advertising for your CBD or hemp business the way you truly would like to. While this may change in the future, the present requires other tactics. SEO, or search engine optimization, is an important tool for improving your google results, drawing visitors to your site, and is essential for good internet hygiene in general.

SEO services from CannaPlanners include crafting engaging content that we then optimize for keywords and phrases that are important to your product or message, and that we know will drive high-quality traffic to your site. By peppering your web and blog copy with critical high-value keywords and phrases, your content becomes more “discoverable.”

This means that it will show up more frequently in search results, and new customers can find you faster. Last but not least, choosing to improve your site’s SEO strategy now is an investment for the future. If and when Adwords and Facebook Business become available to our industry, those companies with an outstanding SEO strategy will be able to quickly transition onto the new marketing platforms. We can cross-post the content that we’ve created through our SEO strategy and utilize it on these additional platforms. This is an excellent strategy for engaging customers on social media, because the content we craft through an effective SEO strategy will already be tailored in order to provide the best user experience possible no matter where it’s posted or advertised.

SEO is also important to defining your audience or claiming a particular area of the market. Every consumer group has things they are concerned or excited about, and those things equate to a long list of keywords and phrases that you can harness to enter the conversation. Whether you’re an herbalist or a grow lights tech, SEO is your tool. Capturing a niche, or carving out a corner for yourself is a matter of fantastic content and clear SEO.

CannaPlanners will provide the technical implementation of the SEO, the strategy behind the keyword choices, and the upkeep so that your website is optimized in accordance to your business goals and continues to refine and enhance its function as time goes on and keywords change. SEO applies chiefly to your website but it touches all of your digital properties as well. To learn more about how CannaPlanners can serve you with SEO, be in touch today.

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