Introducing CannaPlanners Support

Posted on August 16th, 2019 to Learn

Online Support Made Easy

Good Customer Service is on the forefront of every decision we make. Our partnership with Square is a big example of that. Our new SEO service roll-out has already begun to change the way our clients engage with their customers and reach a larger audience – this is also huge. Since we were starting to diversify all the types of services we could offer our clients, we felt it necessary to include better ways for them to communicate with us. We’re very excited to announce our partnership with FreshDesk; now you can submit a ticket directly through our troubleshooting platform, which, over time, will be populated with tons of helpful hints and our overall knowledge base.

How do I access CannaPlanners Support?
We’ve given our clients a few ways to engage with CannaPlanners Support, all of which are super-easy.

1. We’ve updated the CannaPlanners Dashboard! Now when you’re logged into your CannaPlanners website, you will see a link to CannaPlanners Support. Clicking that link will take you right to our FreshDesk dashboard. From there, submit and track the progress of your support ticket.

2. Go directly to – from there you can submit and track your support ticket.

3. Email us! You can also generate a ticket simply by emailing us at [email protected] – be sure to include any pertinent links, or screenshots that will best help us troubleshoot any issues you’re seeing with your CannaPlanners website.

We’re very excited about being able to offer a whole new level of customer service to our clients through the new CannaPlanners Support system and look forward to better serving all our amazing clients.

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