Lisa Snyder – Founder of Tokeativity

Posted on February 16th, 2023 to Common SENSimilla


In this episode of Common SENSimilla we’ll be talking to a baller serial entrepreneur. She’s the co-founder of Tokeativity, a global community of active cannabis users and entrepreneurs that believe in cannabis normalization, & equity empowerment of a modern consumption culture. In addition to tokeativity. Our guest today is the founder of Digital Marketing Agency Elle*Eye Digital handling everything from wedding websites to NFT’s. What the hell are they, Lisa? You’ll tell me in this episode of Common SENSimilla. If that wasn’t enough she’s also the CTO of Johnnie, a digital Bartender app utilizing an AI that’s going to destroy us all. With over 25 years experience in digital marketing and strategy today’s guest has curated hundreds and hundreds of educational and socially empowering, cannabis focused events. You go, girl! She’s been featured in Rolling Stone, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Cond√© Nast Traveler, probably on her mom’s fridge, maybe the local paper. Who knows where else? How does she find the time? We will find out. Lisa Snyder, welcome to Common SENSimilla. Tokeativity — Elle*Eye – JOHNNIE –

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