Vermont Cannabis Week

Posted on March 31st, 2017 to Events

CannaPlanners is a proud member of the Vermont Cannabis Association and we’re really excited about being a part of the upcoming Vermont Cannabis Week – a yearly statewide event program developed to promote cannabis culture and encourage legislative advocacy in Vermont. The week kicks off Wednesday, April 19 and runs through Wednesday, April 26, featuring a series of events, workshops, community gatherings, and participatory actions focused on the state’s growing cannabis industry. Topics include: medical cannabis and patient advocacy, cultivation and therapeutic application, legislative advocacy and local cannabis media, industrial hemp and cannabidiol; as well as entrepreneurship, networking, technology and the arts.

Check out the Facebook Page, and be sure to sign-up for a #VTPotluck – so you can help educate your peers on the benefits of cannabis.

… and if you like this poster – CONTACT US – we’d be happy to design one for you too (this was done in collaboration with Green State Creative)!

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