Why your website should be on a managed server

Posted on May 14th, 2019 to Learn

Security and Speed: Keep your Website Healthy

Why CannaPlanners is like R2D2

In researching your new web partner, you may have been introduced to managed hosting, but what the heck is that and why do you need it?  When bootstrapping your website, it is perfectly common to launch it on the cheapest host you can find, but what are the risks?  Generally it boils down to two pretty important factors:  security and speed.  Cheap host solutions usually don’t have any requirements on the type of website they host, what platform the website is built on, what vulnerabilities exist in the software, etc.  These hosts are a myriad of web platforms, all eagerly awaiting the next DDoS attack.


Managed hosting, refers to a hosting platform that is managed by a team of skilled system administrators. In this sense, a support team tasked with maintaining the integrity of the software running your website.  It is like having your own personal system administrator who can help you with complex tasks.  By managing plugins and software on an entire managed host, the sys admin can have more specific control over 3rd party access to any given client-site – this means better security.  Managing the software also allows for faster load times; there’s no dead weight to impose on load-speeds.

CannaPlanners uses a managed host solution, that only accommodates WordPress websites, we are dedicated and focused on creating the best environment for all of our client sites.  Remember the scenes in the Star Wars prequels when R2D2 would leap out, mid-flight, in the heat of battle to fix Obi-Wan’s ship [If not, here’s the link]?.  The droid would repair blaster damage, engine issues, and generally make sure that it could still work all while it was flying.  That’s us… CannaPlanners is R2D2 and your website is Obi-Wan’s ship.  Managing the security and software of your website is a full-time job, which is why we take it so seriously.  Our systems are monitored 24/7, and have tertiary back-ups in place in case of any unplanned outages.  We might be the droids that you’re looking for! 


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