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Benefits of Separate Websites for Dispensary Locations

by Zach

When you operate more than one dispensary location, you want to be sure that your customers can find each one. You want to be sure that they know the differences between them – like the address, store hours, differences in dispensary menu, etc. However, getting that message across can be difficult if you are only using one website.

Consider Having a Separate Website for Each Storefront

Having a separate website for each dispensary location you own, especially if they are in different cities or very different parts of town, helps to avoid confusion for customers AND search engines. It will improve the way you target customers in specific areas and it will allow you to get more detailed in how you market to specific segments. That’s right, separate websites can actually lead to more traffic & more business.

How? Basic SEO best practices as well as a thoughtful content strategy can help you draw customers in from different areas. Here, we’ll go over a few options for differentiating your dispensary locations.

Here are 4 ways that having multiple websites will benefit your SEO strategy

While developing multiple websites may not be the best approach in every situation, there are several situations in which multiple websites will benefit your SEO & content strategy:

1. Matching searcher expectations

When you offer different services and products at your locations, having a website that outlines those specific differences can help you match your customers’ expectations when they visit your location.

If a customer is looking for a dispensary, they are more likely to search for one near them or one that offers a specific type of product. If you can tailor the content on your website – your blog posts, your products and services – by location, you can line up better with your client’s search criteria, and therefore appear more frequently in search results. This will lead to more traffic to your website and your storefront.

2. More opportunities to appear in Google Search Results

The more information you try to include on one website, the more confusing it can get for people AND Google. Having multiple websites allows you to increase your chances of appearing in search results because you can develop specific content strategies that apply to specific locations without diluting your total efforts.

Google will simply have an easier time understanding & ranking your site from a local SEO perspective when you have multiple websites with specific detailed info & blog posts, rather than cramming several locations worth of information into one website.

3. Better tailored to mobile searches

Most users are searching from their mobile devices in today’s day and age. By having a separate Google My Business listing which points to a separate website for each dispensary location you own, your brand will have a much better chance of owning the search engine results page (SERP) for local or regional searches.

4. Content specifically targeted to each location

Many dispensaries have events or specials that are specific to one location. When you have multiple websites, you can provide announcements that are limited to one location.

You can create tailored blog content, announce local partnerships, and advertise specific products unique to each location. Posting all of that content on one website can be confusing. It could lessen the sheen of exciting announcements when customers realize the announcement is for a store they don’t frequent.

Can’t handle multiple websites? Start with a dedicated landing page for each dispensary location

We know, having multiple websites can be a lot to manage. If you’re not ready to take that leap, having a separate page for each dispensary location you manage is a good first step. This is sometimes referred to as having a “local page” or utilizing “local SEO.” When you have one page for each location, it allows you to drop all of the information for that dispensary in one concise & organized space on your website, information like:

  • Google my business embed (maps, directions)
  • Location-specific testimonials or reviews
  • Address, phone number, and staff members
  • Images from that specific location
  • Events and announcements

Building out a page that solely focuses on one location allows your customers to have some consistency with what they see online and what they will see in person. For example, you may have a photo of your main location on the home page of the website, but your second location might look very different – it might have a different menu, different hours, etc.

Without dedicated landing pages for each store, customers might even think they have arrived at the wrong place or feel that your company is not trustworthy, which can be detrimental to your business.

Creating Effective Local Dispensary Websites

To have an effective SEO strategy, you need to do more than just copy and paste content from one site to another. Having duplicate content can do more harm than good when it comes to ranking in Google searches.

Using the right website tactics can make your dispensary more effective in drawing in clients online. Contact our team to get more information about our digital marketing services or request a quote.