The Headies – The Best of the Best

Recently we were asked to sponsor the upcoming Headies presented by our client, Heady Vermont.  The Headies represent the first Vermont Growers Cup showcasing the finest flower and cannabis products created in Vermont. It's exciting to sample all the great work thats been done in Vermont since legalization, and we're honored to be a part of...

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Site Launch: Green Owl Wellness

Hemp companies in Wisconsin are finalizing their first year in business, and Green Owl Wellness is one of the bigger players to get in the game.  With a strong emphasis on local, high-quality hemp, GOW is poised to bring some very special products to market very soon. Check out their new website HERE ...

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Site Launch: Bern Gallery

The Bern Gallery is one of the best head shops in the world - no joke!  Tito Bern has been a pioneering voice in the glassblowing community, creating a space for artists to fairly retail their wares, as well as starting the Pipe Classic, the olympics of glass blowing.  Currently in its 14th year, the...

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