Lifted VT Cannabis Company

Lifted VT Cannabis Company

In 2015, rumblings of a regulated cannabis market, in the state of Vermont, caused a bit of a stir.  The founders behind Lifted VT, understood that having a great product wasn’t the only factor to surviving the market – that in order for products and retail establishments to succeed, they need to stand out from the the competition.  One way in which to distinguish your business  is with a unique and professional logo.

We set out on this creative journey for Lifted VT with permanence in mind.  We wanted to create a logo that looked timeless, sleek, but would still invoke images of the cannabis lifestyle.  We created a story for Lifted VT that contained themes focused on “cannabis appreciation”, “style”, “timelessness”, “trust” and “quality”.  Lifted understood the importance of quality design, and specifically wanted to take their logo in the opposite direction commonly seen in the industry today.

In addition to creating the Lifted VT brand, CannaPlanners was also tasked with developing a social media strategy to help expand the brand audience.  We helped take the LiftedVT Instagram audience to nearly 5K in under 5 months!

The Lifted VT brand will eventually accommodate a brick-and-mortar location, and a full-line of packaged products. While Vermont hasn’t legalized an adult-use market, Lifted VT is ready for when they do!



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