Luce Farm

Luce Farm

Luce Farm is a 200 year old Vermont Farm that looks exactly like what you’d think a 200 year old VT farm looks like.  Rustic, beautiful, endless land, and quintessentially New England.  The only difference between the Luce Farm of 1817 and the Luce Farm of 2017, is the acres upon acres of beautiful hemp plants that grow there now.  Luce Farm takes their CBD Hemp and uses it to create several products, namely their CBD Honey, and CBD Coconut Oil.  They hope to expand their operation over the next few years to cater to a broader clientele, with a larger product line.

Their website, is a perfect example of fuller, semi-custom website.

Stay tuned for new CannaPlanners-designed Luce Farm CBD Honey and Coconut Oil labels coming soon!



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