White Mountain Cannabis Company

White Mountain Cannabis Company

Heather and Joel are a brother/sister duo from Los Angeles who we had the pleasure to meet out at the 2017 MJ Biz Con in Vegas.  Joel is one of those wizards who can obsess over every detail of their grow in order to get the best yield, while Heather is all business and knows the power of a brand; you could definitely say that they need each other.  Their vision is to bring the highest quality cannabis to the Los Angeles area.

Some of the values that define WMCC are integrity, fun, quality, and adventure.  We took the idea of “adventure” and decided to roll with that since there was such an obvious connection to the mountains.  We are very proud of the outcome; it reminds us of the Jansport backpacks from the early 90s – your trusty friend, always by your side and exuding quality.

There’s more to come for the White Mountain Cannabis Co. including their new website, packaging for their amazing products, and swag…. all the swag.


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