Coyote River Hemp Co

Branding, Logo, Packaging, Website

Coyote River Hemp Co came to us about a year into their business and decided it was time to give their logo and product packaging design some love.

Logo Design

Coyote River charged us with evolving their existing brand starting with a logo redesign to fit their vision. Moving in the direction of an etched, handmade illustration style, the new logo focused on representing the full Coyote River Hemp Co name. We paired the icon design with classic vintage typography to capture a cohesive and professional feel, worthy of a memorable brand.

Product Packaging Design

The packaging design system developed for Coyote River’s vast product line focused on strong contrasting colors and extending the scene depicted in the logo illustration. Small shifts in hue, tone, and saturation of the color pairings were used to create subtle but distinct differentiation between each product.

Custom Web Design

For Coyote River’s website, we created a clean and inviting home page with an organized navigation menu that makes working your way around the website simple and enjoyable.

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