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ESKAR is a Massachusetts dispensary focused on revolutionizing the cannabis shopping experience. They came to us with the need for strong branding, a functional website to showcase it, and an SEO strategy to help them be found.

Step 1: Expand the Brand

ESKAR was happy with their existing wordmark, but that’s all they had to work with. From the wordmark, we built a brand identity system complete with taglines, secondary marks, multiple color palettes, and complementary fonts. Then, we used this branding toolset to design and build their website. See below.

Step 2: Building A Custom Web Solution

With a focus on establishing a new standard of cannabis retail, ESKAR needed a way to represent its forward-focused mission digitally. That’s where we came in.

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Eskar Website Page Array

Step 3: Increasing Website Traffic

ESKAR signed up our SEO services in July 2021 prior to the opening of their first location to enlist a strategy to target “dispensary near me” and other relevant local keywords. After the first 6 months, here is a comparison of total web traffic, clicks and impressions from the last three months (September-Dec ’21) compared to the previous three months (Jul-Aug ’21):

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+264% %

Organic Web Traffic

+441% %


+561% %


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