Nutty Stephs

New logo, new packaging, new everything!

Out with the old, in with the new

Nutty Stephs has been in business for over 15 years, creating some of the best and most deliciously, social-justicey chocolate in all of New England.  Getting their start with granola, Nutty Stephs has evolved into a pillar of the Vermont food community with dozens of products promoting equality, femininity, Bernie Sanders, and, most importantly, fun.  Up until recently, Nutty Stephs had a circus vibe, centered around an elephant balancing on a block.  They are not that same company they once were, and we wanted to exude the strength of their company and really pull a more artistic approach to their brand, so we went with a super-strong font set; heavy brush strokes and bright color… simple and effective.

For their product line, we opted to go hog wild with color and artistry making each product look like its own party.  So far we’ve finalized their CBD line (in which they partnered with CannaPlanners clients’, Elmore Mountain Therapeutics, check out their amazing website HERE), most of their candy bars, and the special release of their Chocolate Vulva (profits go to benefit Planned Parenthood).  Soon we’ll be moving onto their website and the remaining items on their product line.

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