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7 & 1 Hempothecary

Branding, Logo, Packaging, Website

7 & 1 Hempothecary is a family-run farm in Utah, whose name owes itself to the 7 men of the family and 1 (very patient) woman. For this new hemp and CBD brand, and we developed a conceptually-driven brand, beautiful packaging and a streamlined e-commerce platform.

Logo Design

Borrowing from their family story and local geography, we developed a beautiful, rustic logo infused with the brand’s concept, mission and origin. The rich logo allowed us to create a robust brand guide with plenty of secondary and tertiary logo options to help their packaging shine on the shelves!

Packaging Design Concepts

The natural next step was to develop packaging concepts for 7 & 1 Hempothecary’s flagship product line of Hemp Oils. Playing off the rustic logo and paying homage to their Utah homeland, we incorporated earthy colors and the local mountain skyline into the label designs.

Turnkey Web Design

As a new business with budget constraints, getting online quickly and easily was imperative for 7 & 1 Hempothecary. Our turnkey website allowed them to start reaching customers and selling products right away.

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