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Treehouse Cannabis Company began as an effort to offer more economical, clean, and safe hemp products with transparent background information. They attempt to provide items that are made in an environmentally responsible manner with proven results.

Logo Design

After identifying key brand attributes and values in the discovery phase, we explored several different design directions. Ultimately,  we focused in on the reimagined treehouse icon. Simple, clean, and minimal to support and complement the brand’s grounded, transparent, no-nonsense approach.

Product Packaging Design

Once the groundwork for the Treehouse brand identity was complete, we were tasked with packaging design for both CBD products and Cannabis products. In order to build brand recognition, it was essential that we captured Treehouse’s clean and minimal aesthetic in the packaging design for these flagship products.


Custom Web Design

With a focus on high quality products and a transparent business model, Treehouse needed a website that was easy to use, fast, organized, professional, and as transparent as their business model.

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