Uma Flowers

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Uma Flowers is a Massachusetts dispensary group whose mission is to provide safe, clean and pure cannabis products that improve the health and wellness of the communities they serve.

Logo Design

The best projects are the ones that allow us to take a client brief and exert a full, uninterrupted creative vision. There is a level of simplicity and beauty in the work we did for Uma; a simple box-house mark adorned with a complex and richly colorful bouquet of flowers.

Step 2: Building A Custom Web Solution

Uma began their journey with one dispensary, but they needed a site they could grow into, as they had plans to expand into a second location. We built them a customized web solution that will grow and scale right alongside their business. Check it out.

Step 3: Increasing Website Traffic

Uma Flowers signed up for our SEO services in August 2021 ahead of their store opening to ensure that they had a strong strategy in place to help them show up for “dispensary near me” and other relevant local keywords. Here are the results when comparing the last 3 months (Oct-Dec ’21) to the previous 3 months (Aug-Oct ’21):

+312% %

Organic Web Traffic

+259% %


+518% %


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