Silver Therapeutics

Silver Therapeutics came to us in 2019 with a goal of increasing local website traffic & establishing a national presence. In the first year of SEO strategy implementation, avg. monthly organic web visitors went from ~6,000 to ~15,000. In year 2, that number went from ~15,000 to ~40,000. In 2022, the Silver Therapeutics website brought in 60,376 avg. monthly organic web visitors.

+52% %

Local Clicks

+100% %

Local Impressions

+92% %

Local Top 10 Keywords

Project Overview


We’ve increased organic traffic by 900% in ~4 years. Each year, the site has continued to experience strong year over year growth in organic traffic, specifically to pages driving local foot traffic. Silver Therapeutics started with one location in Massachusetts and has since expanded to 3 states including MA, ME, and VT.

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