The Heritage Club

The Heritage Club came to us in February 2023 with a goal of increasing local foot traffic & customer acquisition from Google search results. Our goal was to improve near me rankings & to create a strategy that would drive more foot traffic from towns in their backyard. Comparing February 2023 to May 2023, monthly organic traffic went from ~3,300 visitors to ~11,600 (252% increase). Our team created a Local SEO content strategy that has brought significant growth to the business, leading to a big impact on local foot traffic. Along with a huge influx of monthly organic traffic, we’ve increased clicks from non-branded keywords by 894% in the last 3 months compared to the previous 3 months. We’ve also brought the site from ranking for only 60 keywords in the top 10 search results to 811 top 10 keywords.

+252% %

Monthly Organic Visitors

+894% %

Non-Branded Clicks

+751 %

Top 10 Keywords

Project Overview


We’ve increased organic traffic by 252% in ~4 months. Comparing February 2023 to May 2023, avg. monthly organic web visitors went from ~3,300 visitors to ~11,600 (252% increase). When comparing the last 3 months of clicks & impressions to the previous 3 months, has seen significant growth in non-branded traffic.

The Heritage Club Case Study AHREFS performance

Last 3 Months Compared to Previous 3 Months:

The Heritage Club Case Study GSC Performance

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