WideWail Pilot Signup

CannaPlanners is offering a pilot program with Widewail – a reputation management software company based out of Burlington, VT.

We plan to use Widewail to not only get more Google Reviews, but also to improve the performance of your Google Business profile by responding to reviews more quickly, and in a way that better impacts your local SEO strategy.

Please fill out the form below to signup for the free 3 month WideWail pilot. (October 1 – December 31 2022)

WideWail Services We Are Piloting:

  • Invite – Weekly Review Requesting: Grow your business with review content. Invite™ helps you easily send review requests via SMS. Get more 5-star reviews from happy customers with Widewail’s set-it-and-forget-it software.
  • Engage – Review Responses: No bots here. Instead, a team of super-talented writers. Let Widewail do the heavy lifting with Engage™.

What we need from you:

  • Add “[email protected]” as a user on your Google Business listing
  • Add “zach@cannaplanners” as a user on your POS system, or create a shareable username & password with limited permissions (so that we can download weekly new customer reports)

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