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Learn How to Create a Coupon Code in WooCommerce

Manage your Discounts! The integration of WooCommerce into our CannaPlanners Page Builder was a game changer.  Being able to have our clients offer their customers a more enriching e-commerce experience...

By Kory


Learn How to Create a Store Notice in WooCommerce

Tell your Customers What’s Up! You’ve been blogging.  You update your Social on the reg.  You email your customers.  You do all the things you can to stay in touch...

By Kory


Learn How to Create a Variable Product in WooCommerce

One Product, Multiple Variations Our Page Builder system makes building your canna-co website a cinch, but it’s always helpful to have resources for some of the more complicated things.  Today,...

By Kory

Hack Cannabis


Trademark Infringement in the Cannabis Industry

Are you working on building your cannabis brand? The cannabis industry, currently valued at over $10 Billion, is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, with revenue expected to...

By cannaplanners


Katie Enright – Founder and CEO of Lavinia

Description: In this episode of Common SENSimilla our guest is Katie Enright, the Founder and CEO of Lavinia – a sexual wellness cannabis brand that combines the powers of CBD...

By Will


A Holiday Message from Our Founder & CEO

Some say that it’s the MOST wonderful time of the year, and with that in mind, our esteemed Founder and CEO, Santa Claus wanted to express his immense gratitude for...

By Will

Digital Marketing

What is GA4? How to Set up Google Analytics

When you are working on building your cannabis brand, digital marketing is the key to getting a leg-up on your competition in our highly digital world. While many objectives go...

By cannaplanners


How to Use the Yoast SEO Plugin for Dispensaries

When it comes to DIY search engine optimization (SEO), the Yoast SEO plugin is by far one of the most popular options. The Yoast plugin works along with your dispensary...

By cannaplanners

Customer review satisfaction feedback survey concept, rating service experience on online application.

Dispensary Marketing

How to Get More Google Reviews for Your Dispensary

What are people saying about your dispensary? Or, are they not saying much at all? If you want to gain a competitive edge and continue to bring in new customers,...

By Zach S.

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