5 Common Mistakes on Dispensary Websites

Posted on June 8th, 2022 to Digital Marketing

5 Common Mistakes on Dispensary Websites

1. The website isn’t fully responsive

Making sure your website looks great and functions smoothly for everyone should be a no brainer. Sadly, I see websites everyday that load poorly on mobile, don’t respond to screen size or have chronic site speed issues.

2. Website links out to WeedMaps/Leafly

Having a menu for online ordering is great. Having your menu a click away from all of the other stores nearby? Less great. Embedding your menu in your website means more control over your customer’s journey and greater brand recognition.

3. Doesn’t have strong calls-to-action

Your website is often a customer’s first impression of your business. Having a clear message, easily clickable buttons and an obvious ‘next step’ helps make sure that it won’t be their last impression!

4. Google Business listing isn’t complete

OK, not technically your website–but it is how most people find your business! Using all of the fields Google gives you isn’t just about giving your customers more information. It’s actually key to showing up in local Search results! Make sure you respond to those Google Reviews as well, both good and bad.

5. Website is not capturing data

If you aren’t capturing data about your customers and visitors to your website, then you are missing an opportunity to improve your messaging and your experience. Make sure your website is set up with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Also consider an email marketing platform (we prefer Klayvio) to capitalize on contact info you can capture in store and online.

Need a New Website?

How well does your website check each of these boxes? If you think it could do better, perhaps I can help!

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