7 Unique Benefits of Dutchie Plus Menus (vs iFrame/Embedded Menus)

Posted on October 17th, 2023 to Digital Marketing

7 Unique Benefits of Dutchie Plus Menus (vs iFrameEmbedded Menus)

The Benefits of Dutchie Plus Explained

A Dutchie Plus menu can offer several advantages over the Dutchie iFrame menu. It allows for better integration with your website, improved content crawling and indexing, faster load times, enhanced user experience, and better mobile responsiveness.

All these factors combined can contribute to improved search engine rankings, better performance for your website, and more sales.

The Impact on Revenue

We dive into why Dutchie Plus is better for SEO later in this post, but the most important takeaway is the impact on sales/revenue.

For example, this 2-location dispensary’s Dutchie Plus Product Pages drove $7,133.08 in revenue from Organic Search in the last 30 days:

Benefits of Dutchie Plus - Organic Product Landing Page Revenue - 1

With Dutchie Plus, not only are your product pages indexable, allowing you to see results like this^, but so are your brand and category pages, giving you even more opportunity to drive sales from organic search results.

In the last 30 days for the same account – Dutchie Plus Product, Category, and Brand pages collectively drove $32,255.11 in revenue from Organic search results (mostly Google):

Benefits of Dutchie Plus - Organic Product, Category, Brand Landing Page Revenue

Furthermore, 89% of these purchasers are “New users”, meaning they have not been on the website in the last 30 days.

We all know how difficult customer acquisition is in a heavily-regulated market like cannabis, which makes these opportunities to convert users from search results hugely important.

When we combine the above data from GA4 with data from Google Search Console, we can see the exact keywords that are leading to these sales:

Benefits of Dutchie Plus - Search queries that drive clicks to product pages - blurred

If you want results like these, you need a team that will properly develop & implement your Dutchie Plus menu.

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7 Ways in Which Dutchie+ Provides Superior SEO Value

1. Full Integration with Your Website

Dutchie Plus allows your menu to be hosted directly on your domain (like “yourdomain.com/menu”) as opposed to an external iFrame that’s simply embedded on your website. This can help with domain authority and relevance, as search engines can directly crawl and index the content of your menu.

2. Page Load Speed

Embedded iFrames can slow down the loading time of a webpage. Page speed is a known ranking factor for Google, and slow-loading pages can negatively impact user experience. A natively hosted menu, like Dutchie Plus, is often faster and more seamlessly integrated with the rest of your site.

3. Content Crawling and Indexing

Search engines crawl and index content more effectively when it’s natively hosted on your website compared to content in iFrames. With an iFrame, you’re essentially embedding content from another website into yours. This makes it more challenging for search engines to associate that content directly with your domain. On the other hand, a Dutchie Plus menu allows for better content crawling and indexing, potentially leading to better organic search rankings.

4. Mobile Responsiveness

Dutchie Plus menus are optimized for mobile viewing, ensuring a better experience for users on smartphones and tablets. Better mobile experiences can positively impact SEO, as Google and other search engines take mobile usability into account when determining rankings.

5. Improved Analytics

With a fully integrated menu system, it’s easier to track user interactions and behavior. This can provide valuable insights into how visitors are engaging with your menu and where potential improvements can be made. Better user engagement metrics can indirectly benefit SEO.

6. Enhanced User Experience

From a user’s perspective, a seamlessly integrated menu feels more professional and is often easier to navigate than an embedded iFrame. An improved user experience can lead to increased time on site and reduced bounce rates, which are both positive signals to search engines.

7. Flexibility and Customization

Dutchie Plus might offer more flexibility in terms of design and functionality. This means you can tweak the menu to align better with your brand’s aesthetic and cater to your audience’s needs. An iFrame can be more restrictive in terms of customization.

Final Thoughts on Dutchie Plus vs iFrame

The tangible benefits of Dutchie Plus over the traditional Dutchie iFrame menu are evident, both from an SEO perspective and a user experience standpoint.

Integrating Dutchie Plus can result in a direct impact on revenue – the platform’s emphasis on indexable pages, enhanced load speeds, mobile optimization, and improved analytics translates into more organic search-driven sales and better customer acquisition. These factors are especially vital in a market as regulated as cannabis.

Ultimately, for businesses seeking to optimize their online presence and capitalize on organic search traffic, implementing a Dutchie Plus menu with the right team is crucial.

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