Top 10 Best Weedstagram Accounts

Posted on June 13th, 2017 to Uncategorized

It’s no secret that Instagram is the best tool for creating an audience around visually stimulating content.  There really is no better way to shed creative insight on your personal vibe than posting photos and videos to Instagram.  With over 600 Monthly users, Instagram is a powerful and creative way to engage with people with similar interests.  CannaPlanners has helped many canna-businesses find their voice within Instagram and build their audiences – and we’d love to help you do the same thing.  If you’re interested in learning more about how to capitalize on your Instagram presence, please hit us up!

These accounts represent a mix of professional photographers, professional stoners, and companies that represent the best of the best.  Here’s our take:

@Imcannabess – The absolute best.  Bess Byers is an amazing photographer who’s worked her butt off to get where she is today, which is, in my opinion, cannabis baller status.  Bess has used her keen ability to switch back and forth between nature and cityscapes to promote cannabis normalization, style some awesome products, and basically take beautiful photos.  You’re probably already following her, but if not – check her out!

@LiftedVT – Ok, maybe we’re a bit biased here as this is one of our clients, but @LiftedVT has provided a unique and beautiful perspective on cannabis use in New England (mostly Vermont).  This account is great because it has maintained a certain aesthetic that isn’t focused on the pitfalls of stoner culture, rather the positive aspects such as nature, interesting product photography, and an overall intention to show cannabis in beautiful settings.  Also, their logo is totally sweet 🙂

@Dope_as_Yolo:  This is another cannabis-baller-status account.  @Dope_as_Yolo is the owner of Push Trees, a canna clothing brand that has made a huge impact in the street-wear industry.  If you like seeing big bags of amazing cannabis, people having fun, and generally celebrating cannabis, check this account out

@High Times:  While this account generally mixes heavily between original and repurposed content, it would be silly to deny the power that this organization has had in helping normalize cannabis consumption.  With a healthy mix of news, event photos, and reposts, High Times will help expose you to a whole new level of cannabis enjoyment.

@Dabbing_Granny:  In general, I’m not a huge fan of accounts that show off how much a person can dab, but this account is amazing.  Not only will Granny smoke your ass under the table, but she’s developed a hugely supportive community that she’s translated into a decent side-hustle – allowing her to do product reviews, company shout-outs, and event promotion.  She’s developed a Granny brand and is starting to capitalize on her social media stardom – nice work Granny!

@Weedmaps:  We’re not shy about our love for technology, especially within the canna-industry.  Weedmaps is on this list, mostly because of my respect for their hustle.  Weedmaps has seen an explosion of growth over the last 2 years, and has used that opportunity to continue developing essential online services for dispensaries, highlight the awesome social events they put on, and generally help normalize the canna-community.

@Loud_n_errl_:  This account is amazing.  If you’re interested in what’s going on deep down inside your weed, then this is the account for you.  Featured as one of the best macro-photographer capturing yummy trichomes and meticulously crafted errl shots by Herb Magazine, Loud_n_errl_ is one account you shouldn’t miss.

@SheSmokesJoints: Sometimes I just love beautiful pictures of a beautiful plant, and @shesmokesjoints is one of the best. Part of the cannabis power-couple, @shesmokesjoints and @Tonygreenhand are fortunate to be a setting conduscive to photographing amazingly high-end cannabis, and the joints that Tony turns them into.

@TonyGreenhand: I love seeing people become successful for doing what they love… It was one of the reasons I started CannaPlanners, and Tony Greenhand is a perfect example of this.  Tony has become a leader in the field of creative joint rolling and can get up to $7k for some of his joints.  This guy does amazing work – go check him out, but don’t feel bad if you’re blazing on an EZ-Wider, it’s ok.

@national_joint_league:  Ok, well we’ve featured a couple members of this illuminati-club in this list already, but there are a ton of players in the creative joint rolling game, and the best way to see what they’re all up to is through the Nat’l Joint League Instagram account.  So many delicious looking joints, that are equal parts artistic creation and stoner wet dream.

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