Top 8 Best Cannabis Dispensary Websites (2024)

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The Best Cannabis Dispensary Websites (Top 7)

A well-designed website means everything in 2024, especially when it comes to a newer industry like cannabis. Retail cannabis dispensaries and brands spring to life almost daily in the rapidly expanding market, so having the best dispensary website is vital to keep customers connected (retention is key). The brands that create a meaningful digital presence automatically have more staying power than those that don’t.

What Makes a Great Dispensary Website?

The best dispensary websites prioritize a frictionless buying experience (think: how easy is it to shop?) while accurately reflecting the voice and personality of the dispensary’s brand. A few of the most important attributes include:

  • Easy-access to shop/menu – How many clicks does it take to get to your desired product and add it to cart?
  • Flawless functionality – Easy to navigate, internal links, rapid load speed, and easy-to-find dispensary information
  • Exceptional design – Colors and imagery are brand reflective, logos are well-incorporated, and branded icons are perfect
  • Content quality – Clearly geared toward a target audience and catered to brand’s mission, knowledgeable tone, and accessible content

Based on the criteria listed above, we’ve narrowed it down to a few brands with the best dispensary websites. Take a look at our picks for the top 8 dispensary websites of 2024:

1. Silver Therapeutics

silver therapeutics cannabis dispenasries website screenshot

About the Dispensary

Silver Therapeutics is locally owned and operated dispensary group with locations throughout Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont.

What We Like

This is a brand new website that Silver Therapeutics just launched, with the main feature upgrade being a native e-commerce menu. Each dispensary’s menu is seamlessly integrated with the website. This gives Silver Therapeutics an advantage over websites that utilize iFrame menus. Every product and category page is now crawlable by Google, which means that this website is an SEO powerhouse. Many dispensaries utilize iFrame menus rather than native e-commerce menus. With an iFrame menu, product and category pages won’t show up in Google search results. Silver Therapeutics doesn’t have to worry about that.

2. The Citizen by Klutch

The Citizen By Klutch Dispensary Home Page

About the Dispensary

The Citizen by Klutch is a leading Ohio medical cannabis dispensary with exceptional standards when it comes to providing patients with premium medical cannabis.

What We Like

The website for The Citizen by Klutch is one of the best digital representations of a cannabis brand’s personality and underlying mission. With a mature navy blue and gold color scheme, clearly portrayed product imagery, and an approachable medical voice, the website provokes a perception of approachable professionalism. In other words, this website gives site visitors everything they would expect when walking into the dispensary. Their menu runs on Dutchie Plus, which is API-based, instead of iFrame, so each product has its own unique URL. This makes it so that Google can crawl these pages & serve them in search results.

3. Zaza Green

Zaza Green Dispensary Home Page

About the Dispensary

The Zaza Green dispensary is a new, customer-focused recreational cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts with a commitment to community and premium cannabis products.

What We Like

The Zaza Green dispensary website is clean-cut, easy to navigate, but it is also highly brand-inspired with icons, logos, and imagery. Zaza Green’s core mission is to bring trusted, high-quality cannabis to customers in an un-intimidating place that makes it easy to shop, even for first-time customers. The website makes it easy for customers to get to the menu to shop and perfectly captures their personality.

4. Cambridge Cannabis Company

Cambridge Cannabis Company Dispensary Home Page

About the Dispensary

Cambridge Cannabis Company is a friendly retail cannabis space situated in the heart of Vermont with a selectively curated inventory and commitment to customer experience.

What We Like

The Cambridge Cannabis Company website immediately conveys an invitational message with its VT-inspired imagery and color scheme. It is outfitted with everything the brand is all about: friendliness, quality, and a sense of community. Plus, this dispensary website is brimming with helpful information to guide unfamiliar customers. This site uses a Dutchie iFrame embedded menu, which also allows them to link to specific products, making it easier for customers to get to the menu and reducing buyer friction.

5. Astral Market

Astral Market Dispensary Home Page

About the Dispensary

A technology-driven recreational cannabis dispensary, Astral Market is a unique dispensary with one-of-a-kind in-store experiences located in Salem, Oregon.

What We Like

Astral Market’s brand personality is immediately official from the time the home page loads. You get that “astral” impression with the deep, space-oriented hues of violets and gradient blues. However, beyond the visuals, Astral Market’s website is easily navigable, easy to shop on, functions flawlessly, and has a collection of valuable information. This site also uses a Dutchie iFrame menu, making it easy for customers to get to the menu.

6. Earth & Ivy

Earth and Ivy Dispensary Home Page

About the Dispensary

Earth & Ivy is one of the first recreational cannabis dispensaries in New Jersey with a mission to de-stigmatize cannabis, educate customers, and provide the highest-quality cannabis products.

What We Like

Earth & Ivy’s dispensary website is visually soothing and inviting, much like the brand aims to be in-store. With an earthy palette of hues and softened imagery, clear logos and poignant logo placements, the website is a picture-perfect representation of the brand. The site is also seamless to navigate, has buttons to make it easy for customers to get to the menu, and provides written content in a relatable voice that immediately makes customers feel engaged on a personal level.

7. VT Bud Barn

VT Bud Barn Dispensary Home Page

About the Dispensary

VT Bud Barn is a well-recognized VT cannabis dispensary with a focus on local craft cannabis, pleasant customer experiences, and a neighbor-friendly atmosphere for every shopper.

What We Like

The VT Bud Barn looks as if it was pulled right from the trademark red-barn dispensary itself. With a barn-red, beige, and brown color scheme paired with the brand’s mission and images of the actual dispensary, there’s no mistaking who this website belongs to. And the friendly tone of the brand is woven throughout the site, from the home page to the blog. This site is user-friendly, and functions perfectly. This site also uses a Dutchie iFrame menu, allowing them to link to specific products throughout the site and help get customers to the menu with fewer clicks.

8. The Heritage Club

The Heritage Club Dispensary Home Page

About the Dispensary

The Heritage Club is a Boston-based, luxury cannabis dispensary with a reputation for providing some of the most upstanding cannabis products in the state.

What We Like

When it comes to portraying an upscale personality, The Heritage Club website does an exceptional job of doing just that. With a demure collection of colors, action-oriented imagery, an easily navigable design, and a unique layout, a visit to this website is a lot like stepping into the dispensary itself. You immediately get the sense you are in an upscale place that will make sure you’re valued as a customer and offered guidance along the way. 

Wrapping Up

A well-designed & optimized dispensary website is crucial for brand longevity and customer acquisition & retention. The top dispensary websites exemplify the importance of seamless navigation, conversion optimization, engaging design, and content that aligns with the brand’s mission. An honorary mention goes to Satori VT for its emerging presence in the industry, signaling the importance of evolving online strategies to stay relevant.

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