4 Email Marketing Automations to Boost CBD Sales

Posted on May 25th, 2021 to Email Marketing

Emails are an essential part of making sales in e-commerce, and are especially useful for regaining lost revenue from window-shoppers, abandoned carts, and once-loyal customers who have forgotten about your products or services. Sending emails takes a lot of time and effort, especially as your CBD business grows and flourishes. Fortunately, email automation can create an effortless marketing flow that helps you recoup some of that lost revenue.

What are email automations?

Email automations, also known as “flows,” automatically send emails to your subscribers. You can set them up to send emails at pre-specified intervals or as the result of a specific trigger. You might set up your system to send an automated email when someone signs up for your newsletter or creates an account, for example, or send an email flow every month. There is an endless variety of email automations available and every flow has its specific benefits, but you don’t need to use every type of email flow available. Fortunately, you can boost your sales revenues by incorporating just four main types of flows.

4 Essential Email Automations for Your Cannabis Brand

1. Welcome series flow

Welcome emails are an incredibly powerful means of greeting prospects and converting them into customers. A welcome series flow can generate an astounding 320 percent more revenue per email than other types of promotional emails. Each email in the flow moves the prospect further into the sales funnel, and sparks renewed excitement in your products.

2. Cart abandonment

About 70 percent of online shoppers abandon their carts, which can translate into lost sales for your cannabis brand. Triggered when the shopper abandons the checkout flow, cart abandonment emails can rekindle interest in a purchase. Cart abandonment emails are highly effective: about 34 percent of recipients who opened cart abandonment emails completed their purchase.

3. Browse abandonment

Almost 90 percent of potential customers never place items in their cart – they simply look at a product then wander away from your website. This browse abandonment can leave you without a sale. Triggered when browsers leave an important page, browse abandonment emails can help you re-engage with them and recapture lost conversions.

4. Product-specific flows

Product-specific flows help you give your customers exactly what they want, without forcing them to wade through dozens of products they have no interest in. Email automation makes it incredibly easy to provide personalized product recommendations based on what the customer has already purchased or browsed on your website. If your customer has browsed your full-spectrum CBD salve, for example, you can regain their interest by sending a small discount to their inbox. You can also send links to other products in the category or to complementary products – you might send links to your lineup of tinctures or roll-ons, for instance.

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This post was written by Zach Santarsiero.

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