What is Alpine IQ?

Posted on February 27th, 2023 to Cannabis

If you want to keep up with the competition in cannabis, using the latest technology is ever-important. One type of solution to consider adding to your tech stack is an SMS/email marketing & loyalty management software.

What is Alpine IQ?

Alpine IQ is a multifunctional customer data management tool that helps dispensaries send targeted marketing messages via text, email, app-based push notifications, and more. The tool specializes in compliance of customer data across multiple state and local regulatory settings.¬†It’s still a relatively new addition to the cannabis marketplace but is easily becoming one of the top choices for cannabis retailers. Let’s take a quick look at what this tool has to offer.

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Alpine IQ – A Closer Look

Alpine IQ’s platform¬†offers a number of solutions targeted at empowering brands to achieve certain objectives through customized marketing strategies. Backed by CRM data, Alpine IQ solves a number of marketing issues for cannabis retailers that often face marketing dilemmas on traditional platforms. Further, the solutions offered by Alpine IQ can be stacked with other dispensary tech for even greater benefits for the retailer.

The data management capabilities of Alpine IQ are mostly powered by the solution’s ability to integrate with in-store and digital operations. Alpine works with top cannabis dispensary POS systems, such as Flowhub, Greenbits, and others. This connection can be used to gather valuable data on sales volume, who is buying what and when, and more. With Alpine IQ, you can run totally compliant marketing campaigns across multiple channels and build loyal customer bases using rewards systems and also analyze the efficacy of different marketing campaigns.

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Solutions Offered by Alpine IQ

One thing dispensary owners like about Alpine IQ is that it is scalable. You can pick and choose which solutions you believe would benefit your brand the most. Below is a closer look at some of the solutions that can be a part of your service solution.


Build personalized messages to send out via email, text, browser notifications, or push notifications to keep in touch with dispensary customers. With Alpine IQ’s messaging solution, compliance is built into the program, so you can rest assured you are building your audience in a way that keeps your business compliant. You can use this messaging feature to spread the word about certain discounts, request dispensary reviews, and more.

Loyalty Programs

Alpine IQ’s loyalty program offers seamless and easy signups for interested customers. The program gives dispensary owners different methods for signup, including kiosks, compliant signup forms, and other third-party programs. You can track rewards redemption and create customized reward tiers, create expiration windows, and build rewards programs based on what your customers frequently buy.

Analytics & Event Tracking

Get access to customer heat mapping and information about omni-platform sales conversions to build and hone the most effective strategies. Designed to spark sales and revenue, this solution works great for the purpose, but can also be used for things like inventory planning and customer retention.

Data Management

Track data associated with customer interactions online and in-store to enhance the dispensary’s customer records and build better marketing campaigns through targeting. This particular tool integrates with numerous POS systems and third-party apps, such as Treez, Greenbits, Flowhub, Azure, and more.

Compliance Automation

Alpine IQ offers automated compliance features like customer opt-out syncing, compliance restrictions mapping, and TCPA, CTIA, and GDPR protection. You can simply set preferences for your state or municipality to ensure all of your marketing efforts are within the compliance limits.

Audience Segmentation

Create marketing campaigns for specific target audience segments. Use predicted behavior models to filter out customers least likely to respond and design different campaigns based on accurate data collected by Alpine IQ.

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The Pros and Cons of Alpine IQ for Dispensaries and Brands

All aspects and attributes considered, Alpine IQ has a lot going for it when it comes to CRM and marketing campaigns using data. Take a look at a few perks and pitfalls to consider as you evaluate whether Alpine IQ is right for your retail operation.


  • Integrates with most top dispensary POS systems
  • Can be stacked with other dispensary tech solutions and marketing programs
  • Alpine IQs solutions are scalable; you can pay for what you need the most
  • The platform is said to be simple to use and set up
  • Top competitor for other CRM solutions, such as Sprout and Springbig
  • Alpine IQ continues to add new solutions as the cannabis industry matures


  • Pricing is not openly available to evaluate against other options
  • Alpine IQ does not offer around-the-clock support

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