How to Name Your Dispensary

Posted on November 22nd, 2023 to Branding

How to Name Your Dispensary

You’re in the planning stages of opening a cannabis dispensary, and there is one huge decision to make amid all the planning: What will you name your dispensary?

Naming a dispensary may sound easy. Chances are, you already have a few ideas in mind, possibly even a plan to work in a weed pun or two by playing off of certain words like “green”, “buds”, or “420”.

However, we’re in the Wild West of cannabis as we speak, and your name is one of the biggest branding decisions you can make. You’ve got to think about your competition, your state laws, trademarking, and a lot more. So, picking dispensary names is not for the faint of heart. Here are a few considerations as you think about how to name your dispensary.

Considerations When Naming a Dispensary

Legal Considerations

First things first, you don’t want to land in hot water because your chosen dispensary name goes against state regulations or steps on someone’s toes, legally.

While most states don’t specifically state what you can and can’t call your cannabusiness, most states do have one particular caveat in common in their list of laws. You cannot market your dispensary in any way that would be enticing to minors. While what could be enticing to minors sounds ambiguous, simply steer clear of using words or terminologies that could be perceived to be child-like or something that would attract a child’s attention and you should be fine. For example, you should never choose to name your dispensary something like “Superhero Buds” or anything of that nature.

Also, before naming a dispensary, always check to make sure the dispensary name you are considering is not already in use. Business names can be trademarked, including business names in the cannabis industry. Be sure to check out the Trademark Electronic Search System and search for names you are considering.

Brand Considerations

A rose by any other name may still be a rose, but your dispensary name is one of the biggest brand identifiers you have. This one business decision will affect your brand identity going forward, and brand identity is one of the most important components of your dispensary marketing plan.

This one moniker will grow to be a representation of who you are as a company, so choosing dispensary name ideas that reflect that is critically important. This name should also be tied with who your target audience is and what you can offer. Let’s look at an example.

Canna Provisions is a highly recognized dispensary in Massachusetts. The name implies the brand will provide customers with their cannabis supply, as the word “provisions” means “supply with drink, equipment, or food, especially for a journey”. The brand is built around this idea: supplying cannabis to enhance the journey of life. In fact, Canna Provisions’ slogan is “Better your journey”. Bonus, the brand’s logo is a nod to its name: a compass. All this ties back to the deftly chosen name, which has helped to build the dispensary brand into a well-recognized entity.

SEO Considerations

Search engine optimization is also something to consider when choosing dispensary names, but this often doesn’t come up. The question is, what can you name your dispensary that may naturally come up in the mind of someone searching for what you have to offer? Also, what can you name your dispensary that will automatically be recognizable as a cannabis dispensary name and can be used to enhance the SEO of your digital presence like your website or social media pages?

This can be a straightforward process by just working in certain words, such is the case with dispensary names like Capital Cannabis or Cambridge Cannabis Company.

Should You Use a Dispensary Name Generator?

While it is perfectly fine to use these nifty name generators to get some ideas, this should truly just be a springboard to get some ideas. Due to all the aforementioned considerations, choosing the right dispensary name ideas should be closely tied to your branding strategy. And that’s just not something a computer-powered program can do for you effectively.

To the Point: Tips for Choosing the Best Dispensary Names

  • Consider your brand identity
  • Avoid legally restricted terminologies and impressions
  • Always make sure a prospective name is not already trademarked
  • Look at competing dispensary names and make yours unique
  • Think about SEO when picking the right name

Need Help with Your Brand Identity?

Hey, we get it. Branding can be challenging—cannabis is a huge market, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you need some guidance with building your brand identity, let’s talk.

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