Design Work: What we’ve been up to

Posted on November 10th, 2018 to Cannabis

Gnarly Nectar:  Identity Creation

New Jersey is about to pass adult-use cannabis legalization laws, and one of the first brands ready to hit the scene is Gnarly Nectar.  With a desire to fit the “high-end stoner” demo, we went took inspiration from some of our favorite Nike Sneakers to find this color scheme.

@Bendabbin_710:  Identity Creation

With more and more states allowing for adult-use consumption, the need for high-end cannabis concierge services has gone through the roof.  Offering top-of-the-line delivery services, event budtending and dab bartending, Ben is ready to crush the scene.

Ropana:  Packaging

You can feel the love exude from every Ropana product and we wanted to create a label worthy of the passion Drew and Rachel pour into everything they do.  We created simple treatments to distinguish the products in their line – using colorful front labels and top stickers.  From tie-dyes, and fractals, to cooling blues and warming oranges, we think these products are the perfect evolution for Team Ropana!


Melt Your Face Concentrates:  Identity Creation

Sometimes you just want to dab your face right off your head, am I right?  Straight out of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont comes Melt Your Face Concentrates, whose goal it is to create the best possible, organically grown, locally squished and processed concentrates.  Our team can tell you from experience that they’re doing a great job 🙂  Based off the picture of one of the local farm goats (Goaty McGoat Face), MYFC may actually turn you into a goat.  Or maybe the g.o.a.t?

Sherpa Seeds:  Identity Creation

Sherpa Seeds is a small cannabis seed company based in Vermont.  Interested in only rare strains, Sherpa Seeds has created a name for themselves by providing the national cannabis community with some of the best seeds money can buy.  The task was simple, a farmers basket and some big fat colas pouring out of them – because when you grow using Sherpa Seeds, you’re going to have big fat colas, and will likely need a big basket to harvest it all 🙂  Happy growing! 

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