Politicians Tweet About Cannabis Legalization on Repeal Day Anniversary

Posted on December 7th, 2019 to Learn

Politicians Nationwide Are Looking Back on Prohibition Repeal Day in Wake of Cannabis Legalization Reform

Hello history buffs! December 5th was Repeal Day, the day in 1933 that Prohibition was finally ended for good in the United States under president Franklin D. Roosevelt. In honor of that landmark repeal many years ago, multiple progressive politicians are tweeting about the day in reference to cannabis legalization and decriminalization. 

Eva Putzova is running for Congress in Arizona. She tweeted about legalization and expungement of prior convictions:

“In honor of #RepealDay, we should legalize marijuana and expunge criminal records. It’s wayyyyyyy overdue.”

Read Eva’s tweet and see replies.

Jason Call is running for Congress in Washington state. He tweeted that legalization is key to his platform:

“In 2021, my #ProgressiveWave2020 colleagues running for US Congress will establish a new National Repeal Day to end Cannabis/Marijuana Prohibition.”

Read Jason’s tweet and see replies.

Hector Oseguera is running for Congress in New Jersey. He took things one step further, wishing to make #repealday for Cannabis a reality. 

“…it’s time we learn the lessons of history & end the #WarOnDrugs, free the currently incarcerated, and expunge the records of those whose lives were destroyed by this failed policy!”

Read Hector’s tweet and see replies

Presidential contender Julian Castro also threw in a statement about the fact that eighty-six years have past since have passed since repeal day, and it’s time for cannabis to follow in alohol’s footsteps:

“Legalize it. Regulate it. Expunge the records of the victims of the war on drugs.”

Read Julian Castro’s full tweet and see replies

Alongside politicians, lobbying groups and allied pro-cannabis forces also shouted-out cannabis legalization. Doctors for Cannabis regulation tweeted about rebuilding communities and focusing on assisting those families who have been affected by the war on drugs:

“…& we can start cleaning up the mess from the spectacular failure of the War on Cannabis”

Read DFCR’s tweet and see replies

Looking to Alcohol’s Past To Determine The Future of Cannabis Policy

Aligning the repeal of alcohol prohibition with future cannabis legalization is a very interesting move policy-wise. Firstly, the repeal of prohibition was largely a success. Leading up to December 5th 1933 factories came back to life and an estimated 500,000 new jobs were created.

These politicians are suggesting that legalizing cannabis might bring about a similar boom in wealth and gainful employment. Anyway you cut it, it’s evident that the upcoming wave of progressive contenders all have furthering decriminalization and achieving full cannabis legalization in their strategic plans.

Will 2021 see a #repealday for cannabis? We certainly hope so. 

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