Sourcing Free Cannabis Stock Photos For Your Website

Posted on February 3rd, 2021 to Learn

When visiting a cannabis brand’s website – whether it’s a CBD ecommerce site or a dispensary site – you should expect to see some imagery of the cannabis plant. Sure, you can take your own photos with a smartphone and they might come out okay. OR, you can go one step further and source professional quality photos for FREE. But how?

Stock Photography is Incredibly Popular & Easy to Use

Stock photography is actually how designers get most of their imagery! But it can definitely be expensive… Because of the large demand for high resolution photos, there are now free stock photography websites at your disposal, and more are popping up every day.

The challenge? Finding which source will be the most useful for your brand. Lucky for you, we did some research. Here are our 3 favorite websites for free cannabis stock photos:


Unsplash has the most results for cannabis-related keywords, but they’re not always the most relevant. This presents one of the challenges with finding appropriate free stock imagery. It often takes a lot of time to sift through images in order to find one that will best suit your needs. You’ll notice that searching “CBD” mostly brings you images of Melbourne, because CBD is a suburb in the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Unsplash Results:


Pexels has a strong variety of flower and lifestyle photos. While not as large a library as Unsplash, the photos are generally more relevant. For example, Pexels knows what we mean when we search “CBD”.

Pexels Results:


Pixabay has many options as well, including graphics, patterns, and illustrations. They, too, have a large library but it can be about as relevant as Unsplash. So you may spend some extra time digging to find the right shot.

Pixabay Results:

Free Stock Photo Sites Without Cannabis Photography

Sometimes you will need some imagery that does not necessarily contain cannabis. It’s always good to keep as many free tools in your back pocket as possible. We recommend bookmarking the above sites and also checking out these sites when you need free stock photos outside the realm of cannabis:

You can save money by checking out all of these sites before signing up for a paid service. If you’re feeling creative, take these free photos one step further by making them your own via some unique branding elements.

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This post was written by Zach Santarsiero.

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